Trust H2H Movers as your Chicago moversConsidering how stressful moving is, it is now wonder that people want to get it perfectly right. So what do you do? You go online, you look for the best practices and you follow them. At least that is what common sense tells you. However, you will have a problem when you learn that the best practices may not be efficient if you don’t know what to avoid as well.

In this article we will tell you about the pitfalls along your way and how to steer clear of them. Don’t forget that we from H2H Movers are always ready to help you as one of the best moving companies in Chicago. Now let’s head straight into the topic!

Disaster #1: Falling Off Schedule

Everywhere online you will read about keeping a proper schedule of your moving day or even a few days prior. While this is generally an awesome advice, it is often quite problematic. This is because people overestimate their ability to do stuff. When you are asked to make a schedule, you always assume that everything will go smoothly. However, that is rarely the case.

Instead of planning for the perfect situation, plan for a bad one. Maybe you will take too much time packing. Maybe your moving supplies will run out. Maybe your friends won’t show up on time. All these things are possible, and although they are avoidable, you should still plan around them.

You can do that by increasing the time you have slotted for each activity by 50 to 100 per cent. Yes, double the time if you have to! It is better to run ahead of schedule, rather than being late on it.

Disaster #2: You Have Not Researched Your Moving Company

One of the worst situations is to be in a hurry and hire the moving company that just looks OK. This is bad, because there are a lot of bad actors out there, which may attract you with low prices and unreasonable promises.

While everyone will tell you to find proper movers, you may not be aware that this means you have to research them properly. We from H2H Movers proudly present our Yelp reviews as well as customer testimonials, so you can see that we have serviced many satisfied clients. Always check on the movers of your choice!

Disaster #3: You Have Made A Mess While Packing

One of the most common advice that you are going to see online, is to pay attention to packing. So you go and read all about packing routines, the best packing supplies and so on. You then set on to pack your own stuff, you start with a room, but all of sudden the boxes are not filled all that well. What do you do? You go to another room, pick up a few pieces from there, drop them in to use all the space and then… everything is a mess.

You no longer know what is packed where. Not only that, but you may also be compromising the safety of your items by not using enough padding, just so that you can use the space seemingly more efficiently. But this rarely works out. The best way to avoid the disaster? Follow the best packing practices you can find here and on other places online!