Choose H2H Movers to get to the state you wantLast week we talked about the top 5 cities where you can live. However, just because a state has one or two great cities, it does not mean that it is a good state overall. Maybe you care more about lower taxes? Or sports are important to you? Then knowing which cities are good is not going to work for you. That is why this week we are here to help you choose the best state for yourself.

Know that you can easily move anywhere with the help of H2H Movers. We are dedicated professionals who are always here to lend you a hand. Just give us a call! But now straight to the topic at hand.

State #1: Iowa

Funny enough, most people do not think of this state when it comes to moving somewhere. But you鈥檇 be surprised how many charts it actually tops. It is the best in infrastructure, has great healthcare and schooling, and is also in the top 10 in terms of quality of life. There are many job opportunities as well. However, it is mediocre when it comes to crime rates, economy and fiscal stability. Averaging it out though it is a good place to be.

State #2: Minnesota

While it is not a place for people who cannot stand the cold, it is an otherwise perfect place for people for quality of life and opportunities. It has relatively low crime rate, good healthcare, decent education, but about average fiscal stability. It鈥檚 economy is also more towards the middle of all states.

State #3: Utah

Utah is a state of extremes. For example, it has the best fiscal stability and is the second in economy, but the quality of life index is just about average. Opportunity is bad, with it taking the 35th place among all the states. But education is great, infrastructure is good, while its healthcare takes the 10th place.

State #4: North Dakota

Much like Utah, North Dakota has a lot of difference between the different factor indexes. However, in terms of fiscal stability it is second after Utah, but it is first in quality of life. Awesome, right? Infrastructure is also great. Its economy and opportunity factors though are a bit lacking. Education and health care are better.

State #5: New Hampshire

It seems like this is one of the most balanced states. It has great quality of life, education and opportunities. The crime rates are also extremely low. Its economy is doing great, but the fiscal stability is lacking. It also has the worst infrastructures among all the top 5 states. However, healthcare is decent at the 13th overall place.


Hopefully by now you have an idea of where you want to move. But if you don鈥檛, you can still take your time and come back to us when you decide. Make sure to do your research, while you leave the moving worries to us!