H2H Movers Is The Best Company For Handling Your MovingTime and time again we have stated that the best way to save on moving is to move less stuff. But how do you do that if you don’t want to throw out anything? You know you have some valuable items, or maybe you are too attached to something to just see it in the garbage can. Well, here comes the garage sale!

A garage sale may seem like a bit of a daunting process, but it isn’t all that difficult. And it can provide you with a bit of cash to offset your moving costs even more. That is great, right? Today we will tell you a few simple tips on how to throw a garage sale without getting a headache. Then you can call your favorite movers Chicago and get the relocation going!

Pre-tip: Know The Law

Most of the time there is no problem having a garage sale. But since every place has its own local rules and regulations, it is good to do your research first. The best course of action is to contact your local city hall for clarification on whether or not you can hold your sale. Sometimes you may need a permit, so plan accordingly, in order to be able to get it before the actual sale takes place!

Tip #1: A Little Marketing Goes A Long Way

Don’t just expect people to show up at your sale without you saying a word about it. That is probably not going to happen. So what is the best approach? Go around, talk to your neighbors, casually drop the time and date of your sale (definitely have a set time and date). Rinse and repeat.

If you start talking about your sale a week or two in advance, it is much more likely for people to show.

Tip #2: Evaluate Your Stuff

Some things may not be suitable to sell. Or you may think that nobody will want them. Others are obviously valuable, but you just don’t want them anymore. So what can do you do? Evaluate your stuff and sort it out. Instead of throwing a price on everything, consider having “a bargain bin”, where you can put all your useless stuff and sell them by the cent.

Tip #3: Make A List

Before you throw the garage sale, make a list of all the items you have. This should be easy, if you have followed our second tip. Write down everything you have (price and all) and print out a dozen copies (or more). You can even go with a bigger inventory list put on a sign so people can see what you have sale, without scouring through all the items. This saves you a bunch of time of reorganizing things as well.

This tip also ties in well to our marketing one. If you tell people about your sale, you can also mention what you are going to be selling. And if you have made a list well in advance, you can give it out.


A garage sale can be done successfully if you approach it with the right mindset. So go out there and don’t be scared to try it out! After all, if nothing works, you can just gift your valuable items and throw out the worthless ones.