H2H Movers are one of the best moving companies in the area of ChicagoWhether we want it or not, things are not looking awesome for our planet right now. Even if you brush climate change aside, you know that dust particles in the air a problem and fossil fuels can only get us so far before we run out of them. So adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle may be the practical, not just the environmentally right choice.

That being said, can all sides of your life become eco-friendly? You have to do your research and decided that for yourself. But here we will talk about the moving part of it. Because did you know that you will likely move a dozen times during your lifetime? And the number is higher for city dwellers. So let’s see how you can actually have an environmentally friendly move!

Tip #1: Be Counter-intuitive!

When you think about being all eco-friendly, you think about recycling, limiting waste and all that. So you will naturally lean towards cardboard moving boxes for example. Well, from our experience as professional Chicago movers we can tell you that this is not the ideal way to go.

If you go out to buy cardboard boxes, you will essentially be contributing to paper demand. Instead, you can opt for a more practical solution – plastic boxes. Now, the key here is that you will not be buying them, you will be renting them. That way you are using what is already manufactured, you will not be increasing the demand on paper and thus saving trees. Awesome, right?

Similar lines of reasoning can be applied to a lot of other things as well. Instead of figuring out how to fold your clothes so they take less space, first start by getting rid of the ones you won’t ever wear.

Tip #2: Re-think Your Packing Supplies

What do you consider proper packing supplies? If we had to guess, you’d say bubble and stretch wrap, padding and other sorts of similar things. While this is true, you can get very creative. For example, you can use things around your home to serve as padding. Your cleaning towels, bedsheets and the like can be used as cushioning to help prevent damages to breakable items. Great, right?

Tip #3: Scale Down The Move

If you want to go as green as possible, you can simple scale down the move by getting rid of items you do not necessarily need. This bit takes over from what we mentioned above about getting rid of unused clothes. Take that a step further and you will start finding things around your house that you do not even want, let alone need.

Take these and throw them out, sell them or donate them. That way the movers will have to move less things, which is an overall win for you and the environment. Green heavy vehicles are not super common yet (if at all), but at least by scaling the move down the carbon emissions for the move will be less.