There are two kinds of people in this world. Well, more than two kinds, but let’s ditch that for the sake of the argument. So the kinds we are talking about are the overly orderly, or the extremely messy. Now, of course that’s a spectrum, but people do tend to get extreme in extreme circumstances.

And packing is such a circumstance. It brings out the worst (or best) in people when it comes to quick problem-solving and organizational stuff. Honestly though, most people seem to fall on the rather disorderly end of the spectrum. That is why in today’s article we will focus on a proper packing routine. And more precisely – on the packing order.

Don’t forget that these tips are fine for a DIY move, but if you want everything to be handled fast, easy and stress-free, you better hire one of the best moving companies in Chicago. Now, let’s get going!

Start With The Least Used Room

Now, if you want to approach packing from the right perspective, you should start doing it days prior to the move. A lot of people think they can handle it in the last minute, but that doesn’t work out all that well. So it is our advice to start packing at least a couple of days prior to that.

Obviously enough, you cannot pack your bedroom, if you are going to sleep there, right? So where do you start? With the room that you use the least. Now, this doesn’t mean the room, which you occupy the least, although that may be it as well. We are talking about rooms, which you can live without for a couple of days. So you can probably pack the living room, your bookcases, the guest room, etc.

What’s Next?

So let’s say you are done with all that. Next move to your storage spaces. That includes attics, garages and closets, among others. Make sure that you leave some clothes behind and don’t pack all of them. You are going to need them when you take a post-move shower.

Anyway, the storage spaces are fairly easy to pack, but they may also be crammed full of stuff you don’t need. So a good practice is to go and make an inventory of what you actually want to move, and what should be gifted, donated or thrown out. For that reason you may want to start your packing even several days prior to moving.

Last But Not Least

During the last day we advise you to start with the hardest to pack room, according to your guess. Start in the morning and spend your energy in packing the remaining rooms from hardest to easiest. If you have done your preparations (i.e. packed everything mentioned above), you won’t have much trouble with this step. Sure, you will probably be very tired, but after a good night’s sleep you will be ready for your move!