In our fast-paced society it is very easy to lose track of time. That is why we tend to cling to our homes and they serve as sanctuaries. Not only to recharge us though, but to give us perspective. We go to bed each night and restart the day, but at least we know that at the end of it, we will still be home. Perhaps that is why we cling so much to the old place that maybe we haven’t even noticed that we have outgrown it.

Or there comes the other side of the story. Perhaps we have been too pressured by everyone to find a better crib, that we fail to realize we actually like the current one. The lease may be expiring, but can you renew it? Do you honestly want to move? Or should you? Here are some signs that you are definitely in need of a move!

Too Long Commute Times

If you live in Chicago and going to work takes quite a lot, then you should probably move. Here is the thing – everybody commutes in some form. Even if you drive your own vehicle, a 2-hour drive is not pleasant at all. Heck, even 1 hour may be a bit much for some people.

That is why as one of the best moving companies, we from H2H Movers always advise our clients to pick a place closer to work. It is going to make things much easier in a very tangible way. And saving yourself some time, means saving money AND, you know… time. Which you can use for something else.

You Are Tired Of Cleaning That Much Space

If you are dedicated to keeping your place clean, that is awesome! But if you feel that is too much of a chore, not because it is an actual chore, but because the place is just too big for you to handle in a reasonable timeframe, then maybe it’s time to downsize.

Now, here is the thing. You have to be honest with yourself. Can you live in a smaller apartment? Should you look for one? Do you need the extra space in your current one? If you do, then maybe you are stuck with cleaning it. But if not, definitely move.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

People get older, they develop relationships, soon they get married and may even have kids. It is unreasonable to think that your lovely old apartment will suit not only yourself, but three more people as well. As strange as this sounds, you’d be surprised how many people actually think this way. They are so attached to their place, that even when they have kids, they are not willing to go past their 3-room apartment.

You Can’t Bear The Rent

This one is obvious, which is why we left it for last. If the rent has become too much of a burden for you, then you should definitely look for another place. Either that, or a better paying job. But perhaps moving out is just a tad easier.