Here on this blog we often talk about different moving tips and packing tricks, but we rarely mention something very important – moving often depends on what season you pick. Now, there is a reason we don’t talk much about that – quite often the exact moving time is not up to you. Maybe your lease is expiring, maybe you have to move for a new job. These are not usually circumstances that you plan for when you feel it is going to be the most convenient to address them.

However, sometimes we do get to choose when to move. Voluntary moves can actually be the most exciting and the least tedious of all, because you get to plan the things just the way you want them. So let’s see what exactly makes each season special for moving and which one best suits you!

Moving In The Winter

Here in Chicago winter moves are not so common. That is because no one like to take care of such business during snowy weather. However, that also means that a lot of the moving companies will be free and you can definitely have your pick between the best moving companies Chicago has to offer.

If the cold doesn’t bother you and snow is right up your alley (quite literally, perhaps), then a winter move might be perfect for you. Otherwise, you should check out the other three seasons below!

Relocating During Fall

Fall is an interesting season for moving. The weather is getting colder, but universities start as well. Not to mention that early fall is also a welcome change after the summer, for people who don’t enjoy warm weather all that much. Here in the North that’s not so usual though, so these early fall moving spikes are not super common.

People usually see fall as a nice time to move, so if you decide this is the season for it, make sure to check with your company at least a few weeks in advance.

Summer Moves

Here is the truth – summer is the most booked moving season. Period. It may not be the best, depending on your preferences, but people do move the most during the summer. The warm weather in Chicago is a major contributing factor to that and if you want to have a moving day in the summer, you should definitely schedule that in advance. But that’s a good thing actually, because if you are free to decide when to move, you can easily look forward to a summer move.

Spring Relocations

And finally, we get to spring. Honestly, there is nothing special about spring. Early spring is still pretty chilly and people associate it with the passing of winter, so it is then when they start thinking about moving. But they actually get to the relocation itself by mid-to-late spring. So take that into account when you think about planning your move!