Moving is a big business – there is no denying that. So many moving companies emerge and die out that you’d think it is some sort of a golden goose chase. The truth is a bit different. It is just that a lot of people consider moving an easy thing. But it isn’t.

Whether you want to move on your own or you want to hire movers, there are four basic aspects to moving, which most people don’t consider. If you want hire professionals, you can always count on us among the many moving companies Chicago. But let’s check out what exactly makes up moving.

Pillar #1: Planning, Organizing and Scheduling

We lump these three together, because they are very similar and usually happen within the same timeframe. This is your initial step in the realm of moving. Everything starts by planning, figuring out when you want to move, how you want to move, and organizing your stuff around that. And finally, scheduling everything with a moving company or with your friends.

But even here, things are not as simple as you may think. First, you may not be able to organize everything efficiently. In order to do that, you have to go around your home and determine – do you want a bigger space, a smaller space or something similar? Do you need to move all your items? Can you get rid of your clutter? Ask yourself these questions and everything will fit better afterwards.

Pillar #2: Sorting and Packing

Let’s say that you have already dealt with your initial plan. You have everything set up and you have scheduled the move accordingly. Well, now it is time for the hardest work of all – packing. A lot of people prefer to call professionals to handle that step. But you can do it alone. Just make sure that you do your research beforehand.

Here is a little cheat list: proper boxes; heavy items in smaller boxes, light items in bigger; never stack heavy boxes one on top of the other. Oh and label every box.

Pillar #3: Loading Everything

You may live in a house or an apartment – each of these requires different approaches. But in both cases you have to be careful. Loading boxes – that is pretty straightforward. But what happens with furniture? And what if it is heavy, but can’t be disassembled? At this point most people only feel comfortable with hiring professionals.

Pillar #4: Transportation

If you are moving out hardcore style, you are probably taking with you all kinds of furniture and tons of items. At that point you really can’t do it alone and professional help is required. But if you are moving out from a small studio apartment, you can wing it with a couple of friends and bigger car. Why not even a pickup?

As you can see, most of the moving process lies heavily on the first two pillars. But all four are important. We wish you to have a safe move and come back next week for more awesome content!