While we have many packing tips on our blog, recently we’ve noticed something is missing – a proper guide on how to pack your clothes. Well, there is nothing much to it, you might say, but actually that’s not the case.

Professional movers Chicago can obviously pack clothes for you, but a lot of people are not that comfortable with the idea. Even if they request a packing service, they prefer it to be somewhat restrained – household items, kitchen stuff, etc. But when it comes to clothes – that’s personal territory. At least for most.

So what can you actually do, to make the entire process less tiresome and tedious? We have for you a few things that may prove useful during your next move!

Tip #1: Inventory Is Key           

Most Americans don’t even know what they have in their closets. Chances are you have clothes you haven’t noticed for ages and you don’t even wear them. Sure, you may feel some sort of a sentimental attachment to them, but let’s be frank – these clothes need to go.

If you don’t want to keep paying additional money when moving them, you are better off donating them or giving them to a friend. If there are things you haven’t worn for more than a year or two, you’d likely never wear them again. So make an inventory and keep only the things that you are sure to wear. And don’t make excuses, they are not useful!

Tip #2: Decide Between Space and Looks

If you don’t care about folding your clothes perfectly and having them as wrinkle-free as possible (although that’s not that possible, actually), then you can save up tons of space if you utilize vacuum-seal bags. These are amazing not only for storing things, but moving them as well. They will save you tons of space, so you won’t need as many boxes.

Be careful though! Some things should never be vacuum-sealed. Leave formal clothes out of these bags. Things such as suits, fancy dresses and winter coats are not designed for such things. So they will just have to take up a lot of space. But that leads us to tip #3.

Tip #3: You Can Use A Wardrobe Box

Yes, you read right! Such a thing actually exists and it is designed precisely for the clothes that are not for vacuum-seal bags, nor for any other box. Having and expensive tux or dress is great – moving them, however, is a nightmare. Unless you get this box, which essentially gives you the option to move your fancy clothes without worrying about them. No irreversible damage, no nasty wrinkles. Only peace of mind.


We hope that now you have a nice idea of how to actually pack your clothes without worrying. These tips are going to save you a lot of trouble, especially if you have not yet started to packing. So go ahead, get yourself some packing supplies and take care of that tedious job!