If you are about to try moving by yourself, then you have to know certain things. But while you can find all sorts of DIY moving information out there, it seems that a particular sort of advice is lacking – how to move your electronics. Here we will cover some very important notes so you know not to make a mess out of moving your appliances.

You shouldn’t forget that while moving on your own has its benefits, it is better to go with professional Chicago movers.

Start With Precautions

The most important thing when moving computers, home data centers and other similar things is to back up your devices. All the important data needs to be stored safely on a given drive, or even better – on a cloud service. If you don’t know how to do that, you may require the services of professionals, but there are quite a lot of tutorials online that can show you how to do a simple backup.

Dig Out The Original Boxes

Moving things such as TVs, laptops and even smaller appliances is going to be much easier if you actually keep the original boxes. They are designed to be transported, so they are pretty safe when it comes to moving. However, not a lot of people keep boxes for more than a year or two, so if you don’t have these, don’t worry! With our professional service we also provide special TV box that will protect your flatscreen TV without a problem.

Use A Blanket For Protection

If you don’t have the original boxes, but you’d still like to improvise, by no means go ahead with just wrapping. Use a blanket (or a soft bedsheet) to wrap your electronics and then use bubble wrap for additional cushioning.

Smaller appliances with no screens don’t have to be wrapped that neatly, but they still need protection. Blankets are great to soften things up anyway, so do utilize them whenever possible. This way you not only figure out a way to move the blankets without packing them per se, but you are also protecting your items.

Take A Picture

A lot of people get confused when it comes to cabling, especially after a move. This can easily go out of hand if you have absolutely no clue about what you are doing. Even searching online may not give you the information you actually need.

So here is a simple tip – take a picture (or a dozen) of how your cables are connected to your TV, game consoles, monitors, PCs and so on. With that it is much easier to re-cable everything as it should be. Additionally, you may use masking tape to “tag” the cables with some notes written on the masking tape. Works like a charm.


Moving your electronics is not a super hard thing to do, but it does take some practice and consideration. Don’t try to just “wing it”. Instead focus on doing the best possible job with the limited experience you have!