Storage is great, especially if you just can’t fit your moving in and moving out in tight schedule. Sometimes you have to wait before you move into your new home and other times you won’t have nearly enough space there for all the items you may not even want to move.

If you are on a tight schedule and even packing seems to be too bothersome, don’t forget that you can contact H2H Movers to help you with your move. Anyway, let us get to what are the best (and worst) practices when it comes to getting temporary storage.

Do: Go Through Everything, Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

While one of the benefits of storage is to not have to do inventory all that much, you should still get rid of the obvious things you don’t want. Otherwise you will end up shelling out money you may have saved. So go through your items and quickly dispose of the obvious things – clothes with holes in them, old stuff you are never going to wear, statuettes you don’t even know how they got in your place and so on.

Don’t: Do It All Yourself

There is no shame in admitting you may need help from time to time. If you are a single person on the move around Chicago, or even if you are moving your entire family, sometimes a DIY move is just not going to cut it and add to that the fact that you will need to get items to a storage and then out of it – that’s double the work! So whenever you find yourself in such a situation, don’t be afraid to call professionals.

Do: Keep Your Essentials With You

Even when you rent temporary storage, you should not get all your items there. Maybe you have a book that you are reading, maybe you have a required uniform – don’t forget these things and put them into storage. These should go with you wherever you go and they are not something, with which to deal later.

Don’t: Cram Things Into The Storage Without Thought

If you have managed to score a roomy storage facility, that’s great! However most people simply don’t do good enough of a job with these things. They will cram their belongings and call it a day. That’s not how you should approach it. Instead you should organize everything neatly and make sure that you are utilizing the space in the best way possible.

Do: Think Vertically!

Your storage is not simply the area on the ground. You can also go vertically and stack a lot of boxes (provided they are sturdy enough). Even your furniture may stack well, if you take your time to organize it properly. Also make sure that you follow this simple rule: heavy goes to the bottom, light goes to the top. Otherwise you run the risk of damaging your boxes if you don’t stack them properly.