As human beings we often overestimate our skills and capabilities. It seems to be in our nature to think we can handle something by ourselves, when we in fact can’t. So we have to learn it the hard way – by making mistakes. However, an easier way to learn is by seeing the mistakes of others. That is why today we have prepared for you a list of 4 items, which you should try to move by yourself.

The truth is that there are many things difficult to move. It’s just that we don’t realize how hard a task may be until after we’ve tried. If you want to save yourself such headaches, jus trust the professionals of H2H Movers. We will help you with your relocation, so you don’t have to figure out how to move a specific item.

1: Big and Bulky Musical Instruments

Okay, it is not that most people think musical instruments are easy to move. It’s just that they don’t realize how hard they actually are. While you may be perfectly suited to take care of your guitar, the same doesn’t apply to a piano. The fact that your piano may have wheels, doesn’t really make it all that “moveable”. This is why one of the most common advice you will hear about moving musical instruments, is to consider companies that have experience in that field.

2: Pieces of Art

You can just roll up a poster and stash it somewhere, but if you have valuable artwork, properly displayed in a frame, you should not handle it without care. Actually, you are not suited to handle it by yourself at all. Even if the piece isn’t all that big, you may end up damaging it, if you don’t know what to do with it.

The same applies to all kinds of physical artworks, including marble statues, sculptures and whatnot. Don’t overestimate your capabilities and just call the pros.

3: Animals (and Fish Tanks)

While the previous two things may be quite obvious, you’d be surprised how many people actually try to move their animals without even thinking about their needs. Animals are live creatures, so take care when you move them. Do your research and don’t think that your pets can’t be stressed out. Because they can.

Also, don’t think that moving a fish tank is an easy task either. If you have a fish tank you’d like to move, you will definitely need to do some digging on how to do it properly, otherwise you will end up with no fish at all.

4: Plants

Plants are one of those things that many people have around their house, but a few actually cherish them. Which is why you may have a bunch of cacti lying around, but no real flowers. Anyway, if you have flowers, take good care of them while you are moving. Actually, you may not even want to move them at all, because the stress of repotting can actually kill them.