A Guy Carrying A Moving BoxIf you go through our blog you will see how often we talk about packing. You know why? Because it seems to be the thing that most people struggle with when they are packing for a move. But the truth is that there is an easier way – hiring movers.

However, a lot of people may not feel all that comfortable with movers packing their stuff. There are personal belongings, delicate items, documents – all of these things are important to you and you don’t want them to get damaged. So how do you know professionals are the right fit? Today we will tell you all about what professionals do when they come to pack and why you should trust them. If you want to hire Chicago movers, we are always ready to give you a hand!

#1 Preparation is Everything

Our movers are experienced and they know that the road to a well done job is preparation. So they would bring high quality packing materials, sturdy boxes, padding, and everything necessary to protect your items and your home.

Depending on the case, it is likely that each mover will pack a different room. If there is a big room, they will work together in order to get it done quickly and then move on to the rest of your home.

#2 Protecting Your Stuff

Our packers know that you value your items. That is why they are trained to pack them as safe as possible. Wrapping and padding are important for a lot of items, so don’t be surprised if they are carrying a lot of bubble wrap with them. We want you to feel at ease when our workers are doing their job.

#3 Efficiency is the Name of the Game

When it comes to moving, no minute should be wasted. But when you think about it, most people who move and pack by themselves, are actually wasting quite a lot of time. Why do you think that is? Well, you go to pack an item and then you start reminiscing about it. All of a sudden 10 minutes fly by as if they were one.

Our packers are efficient. They are there to do their job and do it well. So you may be surprised that they are actually getting things packed very quickly. That doesn’t mean they are not being careful – they just know how to do it fast.

A Piece of Advice: Get Rid Of Useless Items Prior To Packing

We don’t know whether or not something should be left unpacked or thrown away. When we come to your home we assume that you want everything packed. So if that is not the case, you should go through your stuff and remove what you don’t want packed prior to us coming there.


As you can see, professionals bring a lot to the table. They know how to pack well, fast and thoroughly. So if you want to save yourself the hassle of moving, go ahead and give us a call!