Time and time again we have said that packing is the thing considered most stressful about moving. So how do you deal with stress? You plan, you schedule and you execute. Yes, most psychologists suggest that stressful work should be broken into manageable tasks in order to cut down on the stress.

Yet, even when we do that, we often don’t consider what these tasks actually involve. What does “Pack the clothes” mean as a task? Should you sort them out first? Should you fold them, or use a vacuum seal pack? As you see, even a “broken-down” task can go even deeper. Today we will give you some tips on how to not mess up the packing of your clothes. But if you don’t want to do any of that alone, just give us a call. Our professional Chicago movers are always ready to help you!

What Clothes Will You Actually Pack?

Have you considered what you will actually be packing? Because most people don’t do that. They find some boxes, figure out where to start and all of a sudden – BAM! The most important thing hits them – do they even need all the clothes they will be packing?

Truth is that we hold on to stuff that we don’t need. Even worse – we don’t even want it. Will you wear that out-of-fashion dress from 5 years ago ever again? Likely not. There are many items in our wardrobes like these. We tend to hoard and hoard them, but that’s wrong. They just take up space, and will actually increase your moving quote. Not great, right?

So go through your clothes and figure out what you will be wearing. It is pointless to keep stuff that don’t fit you or are out of fashion. Or stuff you simply don’t like anymore. Don’t keep something just for the memories. Well, except if it is a wedding dress or something.

But How Do You Actually Get Rid of Clothes?

The best way to go about that process is to either donate stuff you no longer need, or maybe sell them online. If you have some time, you can definitely do the latter, but it can take quite a lot to sell your stuff. Plus it isn’t a given that your clothes will actually sell, so don’t get your hopes up that you will make some money.

You can also ask some friends to come and look through your clothes with you. Maybe some of them will take a piece or two with them, so your job will be easier when it comes to throwing stuff out.

Final Piece of Advice: Delicate Clothing

Even when you have figured out what you will be packing, then comes the question of how you will be packing it. While most clothes will be fine if you fold them or vacuum seal them, not all of them can take such a treatment. For expensive suits and dresses it is better to either request a wardrobe box from your movers, or just to take these clothes with you in the car, laying them in a way that won’t damage them.

That’s it for today! Surely, we haven’t exhausted the topic of packing your clothes, so we might revisit it in the future. Till then, have a nice move!