Moving is one of the US citizen’s least favorite things. Heck, we would guess the whole world dislikes moving. And not only does it take your time, energy and a lot of nerves, it also costs money if you go the traditional way of professional moving. But what if you didn’t? Are DIY moves a viable way to go?

In this article we will dive a bit deeper into the subject, getting at the pros and cons of moving by yourself vs hiring professionals. Let’s go!

DIY Moving Pros:

The major thing that comes to mind is that you will have full control and everything will happen at your own pace. You don’t have to set up a schedule with a company, nor do you have to figure out parking space and all that jazz.

Another potential pro is that you may be able to save up some money. While this is not a guarantee at all, you can definitely come out of your DIY move having spent less than what you would with a company.

DIY moving is also great for people who have some trust issues as well. When doing our job, we’ve seen people who are very uncomfortable with someone else handling the packing for them. They feel as if everyone else is incompetent of taking care of items. So if you fall somewhere in that camp, perhaps DIY moves are for you.

DIY Moving Cons:

The first thing is that it just takes a lot of preparation and learning to do. You can’t just go at it and try to wing it. If you value your items, you don’t want them damaged, lost or completely broken. That’s why you have to spend a good chunk of time researching best moving practices, including packing everything the right way and furniture moving tips.

We also have to mention that DIY moves can cost just as much as a professional move when you draw the line. Buying packing supplies yourself, renting a truck, paying for gas – all of these things can pile up, especially if you don’t know efficient packing practices.

Another con is that DIY moves can cost you quite a lot of time. Plus, you may be better off putting your effort into something that will bring you more money or is just more time-efficient. That is why even though such moves are a possibility for a lot of people, they still opt to go for a professional service.


You may still want to approach moving head-on, as you would enjoy the challenge of accomplishing something you haven’t done before. But if it seems kind of frustrating, and you know it will just take too much time and research, perhaps hiring professionals is exactly what you should do. In that case don’t forget that we from H2H Movers are among the best moving companies Chicago has to offer. So just give us a call to get your free quote and schedule your move.