It is kind of a trend right now for people to move to smaller places. Maybe it’s the coziness of such a home, or just that more and more people are living by themselves, but whatever the case, the trend is there. So it won’t be surprising, if you too have considered moving to such a place. Maybe you’ve even decided you would and now you are trying to figure out how to actually go about it.

Well, today we have for you 3 tips that will help you scale down and actually feel your smaller space to be much bigger and roomier. Just don’t forget that if you are looking for professional movers Chicago, we are always here to give you a hand!

Tip #1: Go Minimalistic

If you’ve bought furniture for your current place, chances are you haven’t done that with the “minimalist” view in mind. Minimalism is a fairly new trend as well, where people skip on the big and bulky and go with slick, modern designs, that are also quite slimmed down. There are no more huge and robust desks, cabinets and drawers are optimized to the maximum and what’s that about decoration? Yeah, it’s pretty much gone, aside from the occasion picture on the wall.

Tip #2: Consider Going Completely Digital With Your Content

If you have a big collection of books, CDs or movies, it’s likely you can’t get yourself separated from them. But it might be for the better. A lot of people are selling their physical copies of the content they like and they go completely digital. It may seem a bit strange at first, but you have to consider it if you want your new space to not be flooded with your giant content collection.

Tip #3: Learn How Not To Hoard

The truth is that most Americans don’t know how not to hoard. Whatever we buy we stash away in our house and all of a sudden we feel choked by all the unnecessary items we have. Yet we keep buying more and more. But that’s not helping at all is it?

You would have to learn how not to hoard and how to limit your spending on items you may not need. Heck, you might not even want them, but you still buy them, because it’s a deal, right? So yes, go through your stuff, figure out all the unnecessary things and pull the trigger!

Bonus Tip: Figure Out Proper Furniture Arrangement

Another way to make your small space feel bigger is to actually arrange your furniture in an appropriate manner. Don’t have that couch sitting in the middle of the room. Maybe it should go in the corner. The same goes with the desk. And why should you have a giant kitchen table for 8 people? You’d be fine with one half the size.

Did you like our tips? Continue following us each week if you want more advice on moving and home organization!