While Chicago is an amazing place all year round, a lot of people find the weather a bit too cold for their liking, especially during the winter. And with that season right around the corner, more and more people are deciding to spend their time in a vacation home down south.

If you’ve done that before, however, you know that the transition is often not a worry-free experience. But how can you make it easier? It’s simple! Just read our top piece of advice on how to handle moving for the winter.

Advice #1: Plan In Advance

Everything should start with a plan. Whether you are starting a business or moving for the winter, a plan is absolutely mandatory. Why? Because it keeps you on top of things, making sure that you don’t forget something crucial.

When planning your temporary relocation, make sure to account for everything – from the small address details, to the actual dates you’ll be going south and even coming back north. If you fail to include everything, the entire purpose of planning is defeated.

Advice #2: Create A Checklist

Aside from a plan, you should have a thorough checklist that includes everything you need to take. Important documents, your favorite books to read, clothing and whatever else you want to take with you.

The best way to do all this is by going around your house and writing down everything you actually want to take. That way you can organize the way you pack your things, before you actually start packing. Separating both processes will help you do each of them properly.

Advice #3: Don’t Take Too Much Items

Oftentimes people take way too much stuff with them when they relocate only temporarily. You don’t need to take your entire household, just the things you can’t live without or can’t even get down south.

So pack yourself enough clothes, but don’t think you have to take 5 dining sets with you. Perhaps you wouldn’t even think about that, but you’d be surprised what people actually take with them. And yes, it often has to do with dining sets.

Bonus Advice: Consider A Permanent Solution

If you find yourself like the South more than you do Chicago, then maybe you should consider moving there permanently. Sure, you may think the humid summer weather is not something you can deal with either, but it’s often not the case, if you just give it a chance.

So if you are indeed inclined to move down south, don’t forget that we from H2H Movers can always take care of your relocation. Just give us a call to receive a free quote!


Winter is not for everybody. That’s why moving south for the winter seems so appealing to so many people. If you weren’t convinced before, maybe now you know that it’s not as hard and doesn’t take that much to do it – just resources!