While moving can be thoroughly planned, starting months in advance, too often it has to be quite quick. You get a new job and suddenly you have to start your moving plan. You don’t have that much time though, you’d be lucky if you get even a month. Does that sound familiar?

Even if you are not in hurry, you may just not be familiar with moving quotes and prices. If you haven’t moved in a while you may be too far removed from the whole thing to actually keep up to date with the prices.

In this article we will cover what actually determines your moving fees and how you can lower them. Let’s start!

#1 Size and Distance

We will start with the obvious things that factor in the price – how much stuff you are moving and how far. If you are moving across the country, you will be paying a hefty fee. Everything out of state will cost you a considerable amount, too.

Local moves are a bit different though. Some movers may still charge you according to what we mentioned, but others will go for hourly rates. There the price can fluctuate a bit more and while everything still depends on how much needs to be moved and how far, the price is going to vary from mover to mover.

#2 Big Companies vs Local Movers

Many people like to trust big companies, because they have already built a brand. They can guarantee quality with their name, so a lot of folks gravitate towards them. However, there’s a caveat.

Many big companies will charge you much more than what a local company would. Not to mention that oftentimes even bigger companies can outsource their jobs if it fits the bill.

As for the quality thing – nowadays there are tons of places where you can check if a company is reputable or not. Yelp, for example, is an excellent resource if you want to check the reliability of your local moving companies.

If you want excellent moving prices, professional care and a fast service, you can always trust your local Chicago movers from H2H Movers.  We can give you a free quote and tell you our rates, so that you know what you are paying for!

#3 The Contents of the Move

Okay, we mentioned that it matter how much stuff you are moving. But what also matters is the nature of that stuff. Bulky and heavy items may be more expensive to move. Special things like big musical instruments (e.g. piano) can increase the cost as well.

Some movers specialize in transporting artwork, but this is usually something, for which you have to pay premium. Keep in mind that most companies don’t deal with items of immense value (e.g. family heirlooms, expensive collections), so if you need these transported, you will probably need to pay more to a different company that deals with that exclusively.


As you can see, there are different things that determine the price. If you want professional moving help from your local movers, don’t forget to give us a call!