Since moving is quite a lot of stress on its own, not too many people bother to take extra precautions and preparations when it comes to packing. While labeling boxes and having a proper checklist can be beneficial and save you time, they are not mandatory. But that’s not the case with packing some household goods. Plus there are some items, which are better left unpacked and close to you.

In this article we will acquaint you with the stuff you definitely don’t want packed. Packing some of them would violate regulations, while for others it’s just about convenience and peace of mind.

#1 Check In With Your Moving Company

We have to mention this first – every moving company has its own list of items, which they won’t transport. Some won’t move anything of significant value (artworks, jewelry, etc.), musical instruments (especially bulky ones, or vintage ones), or other items.

This also applies for items of sentimental value, which you deem very important. While some companies may agree to move them, they will require you to free them of any liability should something go wrong.

Check in with the moving company of your choice, so you know their own policies. If you want high quality moving experience, you can depend on the professional Chicago movers of H2H Movers to take care of your relocation.

#2 Hazardous Materials

This is very obvious, yet some people are completely unaware of that. If you have extremely flammable items, or some that are prone to combustion, don’t pack them or expect the moving company to take care of them. Flammable liquids and gases can leak, not only damaging other items, but putting the entire truck at risk.

Poisonous gases and liquids are off limits as well, for similar reasons. If they are inhaled by you or the moving crew, they can present quite the problem.

It’s good to know that liquor falls within the hazardous category as well. So does nail polish and remover, paint, disinfectants, and car batteries among other items.

#3 Perishables

There are some perishable items, which are not allowed by moving companies. This mainly includes food or drinks, which are likely to spoil on the way to their new destination.

It is normal for the temperature within the truck trailer to rise. This may not be significant, but it speeds up the rotting process of perishable items.

#4 Plants or Pets

Some moving companies can specialize in pet transportation. Others may agree to transport your plants for a given fee. But most won’t, because it’s very hard to deliver on such a promise.

The thing you can do is research how to move plants and pets yourself. It’s not an easy task and we have covered that in several articles here on our blog.

#5 Important Personal Items

This includes all kinds of documents, important papers, credit cards, and even money. Things such as stamp collection will likely not be moved as well, but you have to check that in with your moving company, so you can be sure.

We wish you to have a worry-free move and don’t forget to give us a call if you need a hand!