Failing to plan for your move is the one thing that can totally wreck your move. We’ve always talked about the importance of a proper moving schedule. However, life is not always something you can plan. It can surprise you and you have to adapt.

A proper move necessitates proper planning. This applies to last minute moves as well. Yet there are some differences, which we will cover today.

The Stress-free Option

The only stress-free choice for you is to hire professional movers. However, if you are moving in a hurry, you may not be able to find a reputable company. Still, it doesn’t hurt trying.

For the area of Chicago you can depend on H2H Movers. Give us a call to check with us first.

What Else Can You Do

We won’t try to trick you by saying your move will be absolutely without worries. After all, the hurry is worry in and of itself. But you can turn your situation around and still achieve a relatively smooth experience.

As we mentioned you have to try with professionals first. If you have no luck there, then you will have to handle things yourself. That is easier said than done, but don’t worry, we have you covered.

Start. Right. This. Instant.

Or perhaps after you finish reading the article. The sooner you start the better. Some people get too discouraged right in the beginning and they leave out everything to the very last minute. That leaves them with damaged items, clothes being a mess and takes up tons of time to sort out later.

So the sooner you start the better. But of course, it’s also important, how you start. Being somewhat prepared (all things considered) is mandatory.

Get A Checklist

Go online and find a moving checklist. You don’t have much time to read guides, or create checklists of your own. The best option you have is to find a pre-made one, which actually has most of the things you need (or at least the basics). You can always add to it by hand later.

Don’t Pack Everything

Not everything should be taken with you when you get to move. Figure out what are some items you don’t use and/or need. Throw them out, give them away, donate them to charity – whatever works for you.

Most people simply hoard stuff they neither need, nor use, nor even want. Don’t do that. Getting rid of unnecessary things will save up a lot of time – both now and later.

When In Doubt Always Go With The Safest Bet

If you are ever in doubt of what you should do when moving (throwing out an item, using protective wrap on something), simply go with the option that won’t be that much of a bother later on. If you don’t wrap something that needs wrapping, you can end up with a bad situation. While if you wrap something that doesn’t need it, you have just used up a bit of time and wrap. A bother sure, but no biggie.

These are all the tips we have for you today. Have a safe move and hurry up!