If you go out and ask Americans if they like to move, you will get a majority of No’s. And that’s normal. We like sticking to what is familiar. And moving can be one heck of a jump into unfamiliarity. However, we would like to present another argument!

While moving usually happens due to the circumstances, perhaps we can make it more of a choice. Sure, you may need to switch cities due to a better job opening, but perhaps your home isn’t suitable even right now!

Today we will look at 5 different reasons why moving sooner can be your best choice and you don’t really need to have a major change in life to do it. Don’t forget that moving can be super easy when you hire the right professional movers Chicago. But let’s jump to our reasons.

Reason #1: Reflect Your Own Progress

Have you ever heard the saying “You are your own personal brand”? Because it is true. If you’ve been building a career for quite a while and it depends on your presentation, living in a small studio apartment isn’t great.

People perceive us through what we show outside and if your business is dependent on your image, you should make sure all aspects of it are well-maintained. That includes your living space as well.

Reason #2: Change Can Be A Good Thing

Change is important. Most of us are afraid of it, but we should learn to embrace it. Because getting out of our comfort zone is the best way to make sure we are progressing. Because progress only happens outside of comfort zones, when we have to figure out how to approach a new problem.

A change of place will make you engage with new people. It will require you to learn new routes to work. It will challenge you, but that will build you up. So consider it!

Reason #3: You’ve Put Up Long Enough

Have you ever had to deal with a bad landlord? You always pay your rent on time and you are diligent about keeping the place in its best condition, but the landlord still finds ways to grind your gears. We’ve all been there. Well, no matter how great the place is, your dignity doesn’t have a price.

If you’ve put up with a bad landlord for quite some time and you just want to escape that pressure, then do it. Moving to a new place will be intimidating, but only temporarily. And it is definitely better than dealing with unreasonable people.


We strive for control in all areas of our life and yet moving seems to be beyond our reach. It shouldn’t be so. We should stop regarding moving as something that’s bad, unexpected or should be postponed as much as possible.

People need change. However, we also need change we can safely control, and when you decide to move out of your own free will, it will help you feel like a king, who’s picking out his own castle!