As if moving is not stressful enough on its own, there are always those things you haven’t considered even if you think you’ve planned everything out. Small details here and there can drive you nuts when the situation arises.

However, today we won’t talk about small problems you forgot to take care of. Nope! We have 3 quite big things that just slipped your mind. Or at least the details of handling them did.

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Moving Your Plants

So many people forget about their plants when moving, that they don’t even take them into account before the actual moving process has started. And let me tell you – it doesn’t always end well for the plants.

The problem is that plants need special attention when moving. You have to repot them, otherwise you run the risk of breaking stuff. You also run the risk of your plants dying if you don’t know just how much stress they can endure.

If you haven’t planned what to do with them prior to the move, you will have a bad time. We have guides on moving plants even here on our website’s blog, so you can check that out.

Moving Your Pets

This isn’t as common as forgetting your plants actually need special attention, but it still occurs. It isn’t that you forget your pets have to move with you, but that you don’t account for their special needs when doing so.

There are pets, which can’t deal with stressful situations. This can be a problem even for cats and dogs, who can usually endure a bit of stress. So what can be said about reptiles, birds and the like? You need to make sure you know how to properly handle your pets when moving. If you stress them too much, it’s going to affect their health.

Moving With Your Kids

Sadly, throughout all the hassle, stress and worries of moving, we often forget that we are not alone during the entire process. Our kids can also feel stressed about the move, especially if you are radiating your own worries.

It’s not just that. Oftentimes children have a hard time adjusting to a new place. If they are small enough, they may not care, but older children can be quite affected by the entire ordeal. So be sure to talk to your kids before the move and explain why all the hassle shouldn’t affect them.

A good tip is to let someone watch over them for the moving process or you could simply engage them in the move itself, so they can help and feel useful.


Moving isn’t easy and there are quite a lot of things you have to account for. But after today you would know not to miss the most important ones. Have a safe move and remember – if you ever need help we are there for you.