Saying moving is hard is like saying the sun is a giant yellow ball in the sky. It sure is, but it doesn’t paint the whole picture. But moving at some point in your life is inevitable. So what can you do to make it less tedious, boring or seeming downright impossible? You come up with a plan!

Today we have a simple 5-step plan for you, so you can execute your next move without much hassle. But remember, we from H2H Movers are always here to give you a helping hand if you need it. Simply give us a call.

Start With Research

Researching is the key to almost any plan. If you don’t do your research properly, bad things happen. But what does moving research look like?

Well, by reading this article, you are probably on the right track. You can read such guides online, as this is a fine way of learning all the basics. You can research moving tricks, routes to the place where you are moving, or even moving companies, who can take care of everything (hint: we can).

Take Care of Supplies

If you did your research properly, the natural next step is to get all the supplies necessary. It’s a lot better to have them at your disposal from the very beginning, than going to buy them in the middle of packing, for example.

So remember – packing supplies should be taken care of early in the process of moving. Calculate what you need and go buy that.

Consider The Essentials

What could be more essential than supplies? Your work clothes, for example! If you work in an office, you must always have a suit ready to go. But during the move that is often forgotten.

We know plenty of examples where people forget to pack their toiletries and next-day outfits in a separate bag. If you don’t do that, you will end up looking for these things all over the boxes, unpacking everything in a bad way (yes, there can be a bad way), which will end up costing you a day of additional work.

Packing Is Half The Battle

When it comes to moving, the transportation itself is not the actual tedious stuff. A drive from point A to point B is something we are used to. But packing? Now this requires a true plan.

We have many guides on packing, labeling, color coding and other fun stuff in our blog. Go through them and you will see that packing (and subsequently unpacking) can be made a breeze. Not everything requires great effort to achieve great results with it.

Figure Out The Transport

After you are done with everything else, the final step is to figure out who is doing the actual moving. At this point most people prefer to get a moving company. It’s the simplest and easiest solution.

Sure, you can get your friend’s truck, but will it be big enough? And if it’s big enough, do you have a proper license for it? Because sometimes that is required as well.

So you see, moving isn’t that hard, when you know what there is to it. Have a safe relocation and remember – you can always count on us for your moving needs.