It’s hard to find people who enjoy moving even a little. The only benefit for most is the enjoyment of being in a new place. But even that’s not always enough to make moving at least a passable experience.

However, there are ways to make everything a bit less tedious and tiresome. Why not employ technology to your advantage? There are 5 moving apps, which can actually help you quite a bit, so you don’t have to have a headache afterwards.

But do you know what the easiest way to move is? Just hire professionals for everything. The professional Chicago movers we employ at H2H Movers are capable of handling anything you need. You will have time for yourself, your family and even your job, without worrying about the process in the least bit. Call us today for a free quote. But let’s get right on topic!

App #1: Moved

We start with the complete basics. The “Moved” app is actually an assistant. They can help you deal with your move, remind you of what you have to do, even give a checklist about all the necessary things.

If you find it hard to plan a move, the Moved app is exactly for you. You can get a full moving schedule with everything you have to do set out for you.

App #2: Moving Checklist Pro

Some people want a more simple approach to moving. They need a checklist they can follow, without any kind of an assistant to force-feed them information.

If you are that kind of person, the Moving Checklist Pro is your app! It will list everything that needs to be done about moving in a simple manner, where you can check everything you’ve already figured out. It’s a simple way to keep track of your move.

App #3: Sortly

Packing items is not simply stuffing random objects in a box. If you organize everything, you will have a much easier time at unpacking it later and sorting it out.

Well, Sortly makes the process automatic (kind of). You just have to check it out for yourself. It will make your packing much more fun and easy.

Bonus App: MagicPlan

Almost always you move to a place that has a much different layout than your current one. With MagicPlan you can actually figure out of something from your old place just won’t fit with everything else in the room.

The entire idea is to help you decide on whether you should keep, sell or throw something out. This is perfect for not having to move your entire place unnecessarily. So essentially it saves you money!


We hope these apps will make your moving a much simpler and pleasant experience. Don’t forget that professional movers can often be the best choice, because they save you time, headaches and quite often money as well.