Perhaps you’ve been approved for a job position out of state, or the company you work for is expanding, and now your employer asks you to move to a new location.

With these options moving may seem either inevitable and undesired, or the chance of a lifetime. Whatever the case though, there are certain things you have to ask yourself AND your employer (present or future).

Let’s Start With “Why”

If your current employer wants you to move and this doesn’t seem like a great option to you, you just have to ask why. Why does it have to be you? Do they really need you there? Is this an option or you have to do it, in order to keep your job?

There are further questions down the line though. Is this a promotion? Will you get a better salary or a new position, or what? These are all things you have to know and shouldn’t be afraid to ask about.

If you’ve scored a new job out of town, then you have to ask the same question yourself. Why do you want to go there? Is the salary worth the change? Is the place a good fit for you? Is it too much of a risk? Are you really prepared to handle such a transition?

Then Come The Technicalities

If everything is settled and you’ve decided on moving, you still have a lot of technical stuff you need to know.

When will you be transferred? Are you picking a place to stay or does the company provide you with one? Will your moving expenses be covered or not? Are you getting there on your own or is the company getting a moving company to help you? Do you have the freedom to pick the company or you have no say in the matter?

A general rule of thumb is to go with the safest option. Oftentimes corporations just pick a moving company at random without much research. But you can’t afford to have your items mishandled.

It’s why having the freedom to pick a reputable company such as H2H Movers may be the difference between a smooth transition to your new place and a bumpy start to what may be a potential nightmare.

Don’t Come Off As Harsh

While it is important to ask these questions, it is also crucial to not be a jerk about it. You should come off as judging or unwilling to compromise.

Being open to discussion is essential to scoring a good deal. As with almost all negotiations, diplomacy is key. Don’t forget that.

You Can Always Walk Away

You should keep in mind that nothing is final. If your employer won’t take “no” for an answer, but you don’t want to relocate, maybe it’s time for a new job. If the offer from out of state doesn’t seem all that great, you can simply turn it down.

Don’t feel pressured into doing something you don’t want. We too often forget that our life is about choices and we do have a choice in the end. It may be scary and risky, but it’s better than regretting a wrong decision your whole life.