Moving happens to all of us. Statistically you will move about 12 times during your lifetime, but it can go as much as 20. So that’s fun, right? No, not really.

But moving CAN be fun. Well, not the move itself, but some aspects of the whole thing can be turned into quite the adventure. And this is especially so for long distance or cross country moves.

We know you’ve heard about it – planning a road trip on your way to your new place, while the moving trucks are on their way there as well. But have you actually considered it or do you think it’s just a tad too… frivolous? It isn’t. Here’s why!

#1 You’ll Get To Experience Your Country

We may call ourselves American, but the reality is that few of us actually know the States. As sad as it is, most people stay in their home state their entire life. But you’d be surprised how vastly different the US of A feel after you’ve spent some time on the road.

So if you truly want to understand America and see how diverse it is, pack your bags and plan for a trip.

#2 Sights Unseen

Here in the States we have something that few other places can boast with as well. We are talking about roadside attractions.

Sure, there are plenty of horror movies, which use small rural town attractions as their settings, but the reality is that it’s actually an interesting experience. There are museums about so many things that even if you expect everything you will still be surprised.

If you plan to go ahead with a cross-country trip, you can approach it from two ways. You can simply go on your way and visit every interestingly sounding place along it. Or you can plan in advance and go to different roadside museums and attractions. Do what suits you best!

#3 It Feels Freeing

There is one thing about driving thousands of miles that just can’t be so easily beaten – the sense of freedom it gives you. It is thrilling to drive around on empty roads or even busy highways. Getting lost in travel is a mesmerizing experience.

It really can’t be described. You have to understand it for yourself. Sure, constantly stopping to see attractions is great, but be sure to have some time simply driving around. It is definitely worth it.


Moving long distance and across the country can seem daunting for many. But it offers opportunities that no other kind of move does. It is one of the things in life that not that many people experience, so you can be in the minority and brag about it.

But before you set out on a cross-country road trip, you will have to find a company for your move. We from H2H Movers are professional Chicago movers who can take care of long distance and cross-country moves. Just give us a call!