We all know the dream – having children run free in a big house, with a nice yard and tons of room. Living the American dream. Enjoying life as a parent with great career.

Alternatively, you may just enjoy living in a roomy space, especially if you can afford it. It’s great having your partner there with you and having enough room to never feel boxed within the walls of your home.

But there comes a time when too big of a space can actually affect you negatively. If your kids move out or if you just don’t want huge space with lots of stuff in it anymore, perhaps it’s time to downsize.

It may be difficult to move to a smaller place, but it’s often for the better. And there is a lot of good about that.

The Benefits of Downsizing

Think about what kept you in the large place to begin with. Perhaps it wasn’t the space itself, but the fact that you could easily fill it up.

Can you do that now? Are there rooms which you rarely even go to anymore? Do you have tons of empty space and nothing to do with it? Dust everywhere? Perhaps a gym room you don’t even use?

All of this can be easily avoided by downsizing. It’s better to have the inconvenience of moving, than be left having to clean a large space you probably won’t use ever again.

And nowadays smaller is better. It’s all about minimalism and you can do a lot of things with not that much of space. Not to mention that a lot of things can go digital now, so you really don’t need a pile of stuff.

Things You Can Go Without

As we’ve mentioned, minimalism is all the rage. So if you have a lot of stuff laying around you can consider what to get with you to your new smaller place.

Donating your books may actually be a good choice. Selling them is an option as well. A general tip is to keep only what you really enjoy and deem valuable. Everything else can be sold or donated, while you keep updating your digital library rather than a physical one.

Are you a fan of magazines? These can go away as well. Going digital may be a bit awkward at first, but come on, most people only read the magazine once and it goes stashed away for eternity. Why should it take up space?

Is there unnecessary furniture? Do you have 8 bar-stools, which you rarely use? Bookcases you can’t even fill? Get rid of them.

What We Can Do About You

We from H2H Movers are professional movers in Chicago, who can take care of decluttering your home as well as moving you to a different one. So if you even consider that, just give us a call. We’ll give you a free quote and will tell you about the entire process.