Long distance moves tend to become more stressful than if you were just moving across the street or within your local area. What often causes strain on people is more than just the manual labor involved in packing everything up. It鈥檚 also caused by worrying about what could go wrong on moving day and what happens after pulling up at the new home.

The key to a more organized move and unpacking is to be prepared. You can do that by keeping some tools on hand and stocking up on some supplies.

Stock Up on These Tools and Supplies During Your Long Distance Move

Moving with Ease

The day of the move is probably going to be the busiest. Despite all your efforts to pack everything you would take with you, however, there is a chance that you would forget to put a few essentials in their boxes. Instead of cutting open some boxes that are ready to be loaded, keep some spare boxes for any on-the-go packing you need to do.

Renting a couple of moving dollies will also eliminate the need to lift, push and pull any heavy items to the truck. Dollies are most useful if you are doing most of the loading yourself, but it wouldn鈥檛 hurt to lend your movers a helping hand to speed things up.

Securing Items

A few rolls of sturdy packing tape are an essential tool on the days leading up to the move. If you have any leftover rolls, don鈥檛 throw them out just yet. You never know when you might need to apply some strips of tape here and there. Your movers might point out that some of your boxes may not have been properly sealed or the seams could need some extra reinforcing.

When packing delicate items like plates, glass appliances and furniture, you need to take extra care so they don鈥檛 break during transit. Using bubble wrap, wrapping paper, packing peanuts, furniture wraps and covers is always recommended. Your easily damaged items might have need for more protective padding once inside the truck, so don鈥檛 discard them yet.

Keeping Organized

For an organized move, you need to take note of everything you鈥檙e keeping with you. Yes, that includes even the tiniest items.

For instance, if you are disassembling furniture, don鈥檛 just take it apart haphazardly. Keep the screws, nuts, bolts and any detachable element in one convenient container for each piece of furniture for easier reassembly later. Having a multi-purpose tool like a Swiss knife would make this even easier for you both during moving and unpacking. Label all the parts as well so you can put it back together faster.

Speaking of labeling, it鈥檚 a good idea to keep a permanent marker with you at all times. You can write down specific unpacking instructions or label any of the spare boxes you may need to use.

Of course, hiring professional moving companies in Chicago to share the load can help take any hassle out of the equation. Make sure to work with reputable local companies for best results.

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