Packing for a big move is understandably difficult and exhausting, so you should take every opportunity to make the entire process much simpler. Other than using efficient packing strategies and hiring professional movers to facilitate the move, you can make Moving Day go a lot smoother by packing an essentials box.

Also known as the “Open First” box, this should contain all the essentials that will get you through the first few days in your new home. As you gradually settle in your new home, you’ll be relying on these items for a seamless transition. Check out our recommendations for the essentials box:

Professional Movers Provide a Handy Checklist for the Essentials Box

Why Having an Essentials Box Matters

With all the boxes you’ll need to pack, why go through all the trouble of packing another one? First of all, remember that you will unlikely be able to unpack everything in your new home within a day. Your belongings might not even be in your new place upon arrival. It might take a few days, or even weeks, before all the boxes have been emptied and all your belongings placed in their respective rooms.

The essentials box will give you easy access to all the stuff you’ll need to perform daily tasks. You can prepare meals, take a shower, change to more comfortable clothes, and sleep comfortably without rummaging through all those boxes.

Properly Packing the Essentials Box

There’s a certain art to packing your belongings, especially when it comes to your essentials box. Though you can prepare the essentials box as you pack all your stuff, expert movers recommend that you pack this box last. Also make sure that this box is labeled clearly, and let everyone know what this box is for. Pack the essentials box early on or put the wrong label on it, and it might end up getting lost among the other boxes.

Avoid sealing your essentials box until the last minute, as you might need to take something out or put another thing inside at any given moment. Liquids must be packed in a sealed plastic container to avoid leaks or stains.

You’re at liberty to include your valuables in the essentials box, but it must travel with you as you drive to your new home. Each member of the family could also pack their own box or bag of essentials, where they can place their personal documents, personal care items, electronic devices, extra set of clothes, and other comfort items.

Of course, having the essentials box is only one way of ensuring a successful move. You’ll need to entrust all the heavy work to professional movers, such as those from H2H Movers, and moving day won’t be as stressful as you’d expect.

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