Summer is right around the corner, but are you ready for it? Many people prefer summer as their season of choice when it comes to moving. But is this always the best bet? Let’s see.

We from H2H Movers have a lot of experience in moving during all the seasons, and yes, summer is often quite busy and hectic. The reason usually is that most people think that season is the perfect time to get some time off work and figure out their lives. This often includes relocation.

Today we will give you some tips on how to approach a summer move effectively, and not be in for a bad surprise.

Tip #1: The General Rule of Thumb

If you’ve ever followed our blog, you should know by now that the best thing you can do about a move is to schedule it as early as possible. This applies for summer moves doubly so. Because in Chicago the summer isn’t terribly hot, people find it’s the best time to move.

Well, guess what! When all people think that, the demand is on the rise, but you can’t really increase the supply. So book your move way ahead of schedule, if you don’t want to be left without a reputable moving company.

Tip #2: Consider The Heat

Some people prefer to go for a DIY move. But this may not be the best summer option out there. Why? Because of heat. Many people can’t take the strain of physical activity during the hot months. This puts a considerable amount of stress on the body, which you may not be able to handle. This is very important if you don’t have the training.

Sure some lightweight moving you can do by yourself, but for anything that requires serious effort, either consider hiring professionals, or at least do it very early in the morning – thus you will avoid at least a portion of the heat.

Tip #3: A Note On Food

You’ll rarely see guides mention this, but when most people move, they forget about the food. Sometimes people can stuff it in a bag and take it with them. But this isn’t an option during the summer – at least not for refrigerated foods.

And even some other food option may not take the heat very well – this includes a lot of sweets and chocolate, as well as fruit. So don’t make the mistake of filling up your car with food from your fridge and pantry – you can soon find out that you messed up.

But you can always get a cooler and store the food there. However, you should keep in mind that most coolers are good for 4 hours, passable for 6-8, but after that things may get messy again.


There isn’t many challenges that are super specific to summer, but the 2 notable things we mentioned (namely heat and food) shouldn’t be ignored as obstacles. Consider how to take care of them and everything else will fall into place.