Do you feel like your apartment gets smaller and smaller by the minute? This can happen. If you live within a big city your apartment may not be too big to begin with. But once you start filling it up with things, you may feel like suffocating. Don’t worry, today we will give you some advice on how to manage just that!

Tip #0: The Obvious One

Yes, this is our “zero” tip, because it actually is pretty obvious – just find a new apartment. Yes, yes, we know, this is a bit of cheating, so it doesn’t go in our regular list. But you have to consider it. And don’t forget that if you live in Chicago, H2H Movers are always ready to help!

Tip #1: You Don’t Need That MuchStuff

Americans tend to hoard stuff. This isn’t surprising, when everything that surrounds us screams “Buy me!”. But in reality you don’t really need that much.

Picture this – you have a two-room apartment (a bedroom and a living room). Your bedroom doesn’t only have your bed, but two bookshelves, a wardrobe, two nightstands and perhaps a set of drawers. Do you really need all that?

Many people have decided to go digital with most of their books and magazines. So 2 bookshelves can be reduced down to a simple shelf on the wall, that only has your most valuable books. Go digital!

More so, you may review your living room setup and get rid of all the things you don’t really need. Minimalism is cool now, and it seems like a trend that’s bound to stick.

Tip #2: Time For Some New Colors

Light and lively colors work wonders for small apartments. They make your place feel bigger and spacier. Alternatively, darker colors make for a cozier place, but you can often feel smothered by them, especially in a small apartment.

Light orange, yellow, green, blue and even pink can be your best choices, but traditional white can look amazing as well. Maybe you are not big on such colors? Silver and other modern-looking shades of gray can be great for you as well!

Tip #3: Multi-purpose Furniture

Small apartments are not going away, so people have come up with interesting ways to utilize the space. So how about a bed, that doubles as a storage? There are gas strut mechanisms that can lift up a frame on the bed and reveal everything underneath. So there you can store pretty much what you want – seasonal clothing, linens, bed sheets, and whatever you think of. Add to that vacuum-sealed bags and you can actually save a lot of space.

You can also rethink your living room layout. How about a coffee table, that can double as a regular dining table? A sofa, which can split up into separate chairs? The possibilities are endless and not that expensive.


All it takes to make your small living space feel bigger is a bit of imagination – and our tips, of course! So go ahead and do your best with these new ideas!