Prepare Your Employees for an Office Change, Moving Companies SayIf you鈥檝e ever moved office before, as a staff member or business owner, you鈥檒l know how stressful and overwhelming it can be for employees. An office move is something that requires lots of coordination and planning.

Moving companies conduct large scale office moves on a regular basis, so they鈥檝e offered advice on how to prepare your employees for a change of business premises.

Create a Good Communication Strategy

You鈥檒l need to communicate effectively with you staff about moving. When you first announce the office move, be sure to do it during a full team meeting, so that every staff member hears the news at the same time. If employees begin to hear rumors before you present them with the facts, you risk dealing with unhappy colleagues and a confused atmosphere.

Try to give as much notice as possible for the move, so your staff have the time to digest and get used to the idea before it actually happens.

Allow Staff to Pack Their Own Desks

Most of your staff will have their own personal affects on their desks and inside drawers, and they won鈥檛 appreciate it if you have your movers go in and pack things for them without their knowledge. Although the moving company will keep items safe, unmarked boxes may become mixed up, and belongings could be misplaced.

It鈥檚 best to offer your staff the option to pack up their own belongings. They can remove anything they don鈥檛 want taken to the next office, and label where their items should go after the move.

Pack Together

Be sure to set aside time for packing. Advise all staff of when packing should take place. Not only will this minimize the disarray in the current office, but you鈥檒l keep productivity high by keeping minds focused on work until a set hour.

Set Aside Time to Address Concerns

For some people, a change in workplace may make a big difference to their commute or their morning routine with families. Amid these drastic changes, you should do your best as to address any concerns.

It may be best to set up a meeting for everyone to raise their issues. This way, everyone can properly voice their opinion properly instead of bickering among themselves about the plans.

Ensure the New Premises are Ready to Go

To keep the office changeover as smooth as possible, make sure the new premises are ready for use before the move takes place. Check if the phone lines are working, the broadband is installed, and tea and coffee is at hand for your staff to enjoy.

You can ask several staff members to come by the new office so you can gather comments and suggestions. Things like parking options and transport links, nearby amenities, and natural light will all be important for your employees.

Seeing the new location before the move may help them come to terms with the transition more easily. Your staff will also have a preferred seating plan, so if there鈥檚 a set layout they鈥檇 like, inform your moving company so they can put the furniture in the right place during the move.

Give a Point of Contact if Necessary

You may want to give your staff the contact numbers of your movers, so they can communicate concerns with them directly. Ask staff to circulate any useful information they find, so every member of the team can be kept informed of details of the move.

If you need help organizing an office move, contact a reputable moving company to make suitable plans for the transition. Your employees will thank you for making the process easy and straightforward.


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