If you are moving, you’d have to pack every room separately. Why? Because that way the entire move will be much more organized and you can easily track your items. However, each room has its own challenges when it comes to packing.

Today we are covering how to get your bedroom sorted out when you are about to move. Some of the tips are conventional, others are a bit more specific, but all work perfectly!

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#1 Reduce Your Clutter

Statistics show that most people tend to hoard things. Maybe some are a bit more extreme than others, but each one of us has things in our home that should really be there.

Are you really going to use that old pair of shoes hiding in your bedroom closet for all these years? Perhaps not. What about that big baggy dress shirt that is not fitting you since you lost 20 pounds last year? Again, time to move on.

Go through your stuff and get rid of the things that you haven’t used in a while. Chances are you won’t use them ever again.

#2 Pack Gradually

Many times we get overwhelmed when you see how much work there is to be done. Well, it doesn’t have to be like this! Instead, the thing that you should do is pack everything that you can deal without first. Jewelry, books, evening dresses, suits and so on.

Then go about the things that you can go without for a week. All of a sudden you will have quite a big chunk of your bedroom packed already!

Lastly, pack the essential items the day before the move. And – BOOM! – you are now sorted out.

#3 Moving Furniture

Bedrooms are very specific to every person. First of all, you can sleep in a cheap functional bed, which can be easily disassembled and moved, but you can also sleep in a vintage one that has to be carried with care.

Second of all, you may or may not have electronics in your bedroom. A lot of people have TVs there, even computers. If that’s the case with you, you’d want to figure out a way in which to pack these properly.

Hiring professional movers can be a help here as well, as specialized boxes exist exactly for such electronics (flat screens TVs, monitors, etc.).

And are you about to move with your wardrobe or not? Is it valuable or can it be left behind just as easily?

All these things should be considered when it comes to moving your bedroom, so don’t rush anything. If you need help, call your movers of choice and ask about their advice as well!


Moving a bedroom may sound tedious, but it can be done pretty efficiently if you follow our tips. So go ahead, plan your move and start doing to job. The sooner you start the better!