Who doesn’t want their company to grow? It’s exciting! But oftentimes with office jobs, company growth comes with less and less available space. Naturally, you’d need to look for a bigger place.

Even if you have started with a couple of people working in a home office environment, if you do things right, you will soon outgrow such a place. Growing from 5 to 10 people may not seem that big of a step, but what about from 10 to 20? Or from 20 to 50?

But what do you do when you have to move? Do you organize your employees to help you with moving or do you hire professionals to handle everything? Today we will show you that professional movers are worth it!

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Reason #1: It’s All About Time

As the saying goes, time is money, friend! And the more people you have to manage the harder it gets. Trying to organize a company move is difficult enough on its own, but trying to manage employees inexperienced in moving can be 5 different kinds of worse.

Professional movers have a system. They start working immediately, they do everything efficiently. It can even be mesmerizing to watch them do their job. And in the end they can save you so much time, that they may have been the cheaper alternative after all.

Reason #2: It’s Harder Than You Think

Most people believe moving is simple – you pack, you load, you move. But there are so many things about moving that make it a challenge, that we can’t even cover all of them here.

If you don’t know how to properly handle electronics (or you don’t have the equipment, for example), you may end up damaging them. Professional movers have special boxes for fragile items and even for flat screens, so your electronics can be safe.

Not to mention that many pieces of furniture may require disassembly and if you don’t have experience with that, it will cost you quite a lot of time. Experienced movers on the other hand can take care of that as well.

Reason #3: Your Employees Won’t Have To Stress About It

Let’s be honest – there aren’t many people who aren’t doing their best to impress their bosses. And even if a task isn’t in their expertise, they will still try at it, if their told to. Moving things is no exception.

But moving can be stressful. Heavy lifting is not for everyone. Packing can be much more challenging than people think. Putting your employees in a position where they can embarrass themselves won’t do much for office morale.

By hiring professional movers you will not only take care of the move itself – you will show that you value your employees for what they are and what they do. If someone isn’t fit to carry a heavy sofa, they shouldn’t force themselves to try.


Company growth is awesome! When the time comes to expand and move into a different office, don’t forget that the obvious solution isn’t necessary the best one.