Everyone that has had to deal with moving at any point has wondered this: Shouldn’t I just do everything by myself? Can’t I save some money by not getting professional movers?

These are valid questions, and today we will answer them! And even further – we will explain why we think you are not considering the true benefits of getting professional movers.

And let’s address something first – yes, this is our business. But we have dedicated our efforts to providing high quality services that can benefit everyone. If you are on the look for Chicago movers, you can always count on us. But let’s delve right in

The Pros and Cons to Moving By Yourself

There are some obvious pros if you take this path. Firstly, you can do everything on your own terms, without much of a need to schedule anything. Secondly, you are obviously saving some money. How much that is though is another question. Thirdly, it can be much more convenient if you don’t have many things to move.

However, there are cons that people rarely consider. For example, the money you save may not be that much if you add your time lost in organizing everything. You also risk breaking stuff you don’t know how to move or even injuring yourself. And money for gas? Have you thought of that?

So yes, there are pros, but there are also cons. If you have considered both and you think you can deal with your move on your own, then by all means – go for it! But if you are not so sure, there is an alternative.

The Pros and Cons to Hiring Professional Movers

Let’s start with the cons this time. The obvious one is that you have to pay money for their services. Another would be the fact that you have to schedule your move and you won’t really be that flexible. Perhaps the last real con is the fact that if you don’t know which company to call, you will have to do some research beforehand.

But with all that said, there are things which you just can’t beat on your own. Firstly, all the stress that piles up with packing, loading, moving, organizing everything – that’s stripped off your shoulders. You are literally paying for peace of mind. Is it worth some extra bucks? We definitely think so!

You won’t have to worry about breaking anything, or injuring yourself as the entire move will be carried out by professionals. Furthermore, this just saves you time. And time is valuable in and of itself. Whether you decide to take some break off work, or to take care of something else for the time being, professional movers allow for that. So you are trading the flexibility of the moving date for the flexibility of your own time.


The choice is not that hard to make. Just determine what’s more valuable to you – your time, your money, your health? Of course, a small move don’t really need professionals to handle it. If you can load your pickup truck by yourself and go to a new place – all the power to you! But if you need help at any step of the process, you know who to get.