Moving! The thing that most people really don’t like (some would say “hate” is the appropriate wording here). But you have to deal with it anyway! So why don’t we approach the entire thing from a different perspective?

Yes, we know moving is boring, tedious, tiresome and a dozen more negative adjectives. Yet you can’t really avoid it. However, there are things to speed up the process, make it easier, more straightforward, etc. One such thing is packing an overnight bag.

What is that you wonder? Well, it is a bag (okay, it can be a suitcase too), which you fill with various items you may need first thing tomorrow morning (or day). You don’t see why you need it? Do you want to lose your valuables? What about your important papers? Yes, we didn’t think so.

We are going to tell you what the top things to get into your overnight bag are. But if you ever need a hand with moving (really, anything related to it), you can call us. H2H Movers are the right choice if you want services for the area of Chicago.

#1 Pack A Set Of Clothes… Before You Start Packing Anything At All

Yes, the title of this point says it all. Most people leave packing the overnight bag as the last thing to do, but you shouldn’t. Make it a priority to pack your overnight bag first. And start with a set of clothes, or even two. You don’t know when you’ll need formal apparel, so don’t risk it.

#2 Get Those Papers In

It is extremely important to pack your valuable papers and documents in your overnight bag. Thus you will always have access to them, you will know where they are and you can always keep an eye out for them.

Really, this should’ve been the first thing we mentioned, as a lot of people stash their documents someplace they can’t even remember later. We don’t have to tell you how much trouble this causes.

#3 Chaaaaaaaaarge!

Yup, you want those phone and laptop chargers packed with you. Most of you won’t forget to get your phone and computer with you, but actually packing a charger seems to be a low priority for some.

If you don’t want a dead phone for an unspecified amount of time, you better do something about it.

#4 Shiny, Shiny!

Some people are OK with packing their jewelry with everything else. If that’s you, skip this point. If you are not the trusting kind of person, however, you should also get these with you. Some people go a step further, and pack them separately from anything else.

#5 Where’s The Soap?

Do you like being clean? We bet you do. And do you know what you are sure to be after a move? Yep, you guessed it – dirty. Now, what will you do if there is no soap and shampoo in sight? Run out and buy some? You can do that. You could have also packed a bag of toiletries just for this occasion. Better isn’t it?


A lot of people disregard the importance of the overnight bag, but now you know why you shouldn’t. If you are packing soon, make that one a priority!