Are you considering a move? Then you’ll enjoy the list we’ve compiled for you today. And who doesn’t like lists? We will tell you all about the things that you need to keep an eye out for, so when the time comes to move, you don’t end up forgetting items or paying extra for stuff you don’t even need to be moved!

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#1 First Pack The Things You Won’t Immediately Need

It pretty much says it all. If you have set aside some boxes for items you won’t immediately need when you get to your new place, you will have that much more time to take care of the most important things.

So if you are moving during the summer, all your winter clothes can be packed right away and you don’t have to worry about them until you have everything settled at your new place. Having less things to fret over is a great way of making the whole process of moving seem much more streamlined.

#2 Consider Trimming It Down

Time and time again we have stated that most people often keep stuff they won’t ever use. Sometimes we cling to things because they are sentimental to us, but too often we are just too afraid to throw something away for the 1% chance it may one day perhaps, who knows, really maybe it can be of some use to us at some point. This is pointless. You should really consider giving away or throwing out everything you don’t see yourself using. But come on, be realistic, don’t just imagine yourself using it, think if you ever will.

#3 Make Sure To Have A Bag Of Essentials

Moving is often hectic and in the rush you can often forget your basic necessities. You can easily go around that by having a bag of essentials, where you put a day-worth of clothes, toiletries, important documents and so on. Having a small bag for each family member is not a bad idea either.

#4 Figure Out A Checklist

This could’ve been our first tip just as well, but nevertheless, if you haven’t already done it, you can go ahead and figure it out now. Having a moving checklist is excellent, because you can easily keep track of your stuff. But if you think it’s hard to do it on your own, download one from the internet, where you can have most of the things already mentioned, and you can add your own later on.

#5 Buy Quality Packing Supplies

The reason you should never get your packing supplies in the last minute, is that you will often settle for something of low quality, which will end up costing you more down the road. Sturdy boxes, a good tape that doesn’t leave residue, a roll of stretch wrap – all of that can make your move much more hassle-free.