If you are going to move any time soon, then you’ve definitely faced the question of whether you should hire movers or do it all by yourself. Well, you might think we are a biased source, but let us make our case and you may be surprised. After all, this is your stuff we are talking about, so you might us well give us the benefit of the doubt, shall you? So let’s talk a bit about why hiring professionals is actually better for you.

Reason #1: It Saves You Time (And Potentially Money)

You can definitely read tips online on how to move everything by yourself, you may even want to try certain things out right here and now, but let’s be real – you will have to spend a lot of time to research a topic that won’t have that many benefits for you. Sure, you will know a bit on moving, and perhaps you can save a buck or two, but you will have wasted a lot of your free time in research. How much do you value your time? And you know all those things about time being equal to money, so you can do the math for yourself.

Plus everything will happen much faster, especially if you purchase a complete service. If the pros pack, load, move, unload and unpack everything for you, what are you left with? Not much, and let us tell you – that’s a great feeling. Sometimes it’s definitely worth it to have the weight off your shoulders.

Reason #2: It Is Safer

Do you have experience with moving fragile items? Unlikely. But we do! We even have specialized boxes for some of them (e.g. TV, dish sets, etc.)! Now that’s great, isn’t it? Because you don’t want your couple-of-thousand-dollars flat screen TV to get busted why you try to move it. Or that expensive sofa you got a while ago. So you can say that hiring movers is an insurance in and of itself. After all, if you want to have something done professionally, hire a pro! Makes sense, right?

Reason #3: It Is Hassle-free

One of the biggest complains people have about moving is how much of a hassle it is. You have to figure out how to pack everything, you have to think of moving supplies, you have to find boxes, you even need to get a couple of friends to help you with everything, because otherwise you will definitely not be able to do it. In short – it’s a nightmare. Doable, but still a nightmare.

Hiring professionals gets all that stress off your shoulders and you can sit back and relax, as other people take care of your items. Literally, it couldn’t be easier. And you wouldn’t be burned out and exhausted to enjoy your new home. And let me tell you – you do need energy when it comes to organizing everything when you move.


Are you convinced that hiring moving professionals is good for you? Well, if you live in the area of Chicago and you need professional movers, you know who to get! We from H2H Movers will always take care of your moving needs!