There are hardly people out there who haven’t tried to move a piece of furniture by themselves. Whether it is a new sofa they got delivered to the front of the apartment, but never transported to their floor, or because they want to move by themselves, this thing happens. And most of the time it leaves bad memories and damaged furniture. So we have compiled 5 tips for you, in order to make your next furniture moving a bit less painful.

Don’t forget that you can go over all this hassle and just hire professional Chicago movers. We from H2H Movers will be happy to help you. But let’s get started.

#1 Don’t Believe You Are A Superhero

Please, if you don’t want to damage you furniture, don’t think you can handle everything alone. Even something that seems fairly light, may actually require two or three people to be carried safely. So get your friends to help you, or perhaps your neighbors – otherwise you may scratch the floor, the walls, the furniture you are moving and definitely yourself.

#2 Get It Packed

No, no, no, you don’t need a huge box to fit your sofa in it! But you do need some packing supplies to make the moving easier. A roll of bubble wrap can do wonders for you and even some stretch wrap can save you a few minor scrapes. So if you can, wrap the furniture. And actually, if you find a box it can fit in, it doesn’t hurt to use it as another layer of protection.

#3 Did You Try To Disassemble?

Now, if you are moving something that can be disassembled (like a two-part sofa, or a lot of drawers, cabinets, etc.), you should do just that – disassemble it. This will make the entire process much easier, so you don’t end up with damaged or even broken furniture.

#4 DO NOT Push Harder!

Who hasn’t been there? If it just barely doesn’t fit through the door, you push harder. Physics, right? Wrong! You will again damage your furniture, your door, yourself probably and maybe even something else, who knows. It is much easier to simply pull the door of its hinges. Didn’t think of that? Well, it’s not hard, you can watch a video on how to do it.

#5 Figure Out The Best Way To Handle It

Such a long sub-heading. Anyway, it says it all – don’t go ahead and simply take it down the stairs without thinking how to hold it. The best way is to divide the weight proportionately between the people carrying it. And you do not do that by simply grabbing it by both ends, because then the person going down the stairs first will have to handle much more.


Now, we don’t want this entire article to sound out as a piece of advertisement but things are as they are – professionals exist, because people know that you are not supposed to be good at everything. So when you have to move your furniture what do you do? Get the pros!