Are thinking of moving? Maybe you’ve already planned a move and now you have to figure out how to lower your moving costs? Perhaps you’ve heard that you can reduce you moving quote if you get rid of certain items before your move. We from H2H Movers have already discussed this topic a bit, but today we will tackle it once more. And don’t forget that if you are ever in need of Chicago movers you can count on us! But let’s get to the point.

First Things First

Before you go on downsizing the bulk of clothes you have, there is another thing you need to do – prepare mentally. Tell yourself that you will get rid of (or gift/donate) whatever you don’t really need and/or want. Now, you should also know well what you want, as sometimes you can cling to something you don’t even notice once you move. Ready to delve deeper? Great!

Why Should You Do It?

One of the first things most decluttering guides mention is that we hoard clothes like crazy. The problem often comes when we fall prey to advertising and promotions, which makes us buy things, just because they are cheap. Yet we hardly ever wear them, but because we’ve already paid for them, we stick them inside the wardrobe “just in case”. Well, if you don’t get rid of them now, you will continue to pay for them even more. How? By paying their moving costs.

But How Can You Solve This?

Here’s what to do – go through your wardrobe or closet and take a look at all the things you haven’t worn in the past year or so. Take them out and consider if you see yourself wearing these on a regular basis. And be honest – if you don’t, simply give them to a charity or gift them to a friend.

Alternatively, you can put every piece on and check how it feels. You may love it on its own, but if you don’t like how it looks on you, pass it on. Maybe it’s too big or too small for you – get rid of it. Maybe the colors have faded or you notice a small hole? Come on, you don’t need it now, do you? You will never get it mended, will you? In the bin. Or a box, if you wish to donate.

To Put Things In Perspective

To be fair, getting rid of clothes is difficult. But we have to learn to give things up and work with a limited space. It often helps if you say “I will bring 15/30/50 pieces of clothing with me” and trim down whatever goes overboard. A men’s style expert did a recent study and figured out that both men and women only need 15 items of clothing to have a unique combination for the entire year. Makes you think, doesn’t it?


Although it may seem impossible to give up on your clothes, especially when you have paid a bunch of money for them, you should still do it. You know what? This is a great thing to do even if you are not moving. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon this blog post by accident and are not planning to move. Well, still, go figure out what you can do about your cluttered closet. And have a nice day as well. 🙂