While most people rarely move long distance, if you ever have the need to do it, you will see that it doesn’t come cheap. It isn’t coincidental that people look for different ways to lower the cost of their move, particularly if it is long distance. Well, we from H2H Movers are here to say it – it is possible to lower your costs, although you may find some sacrifices hard to live with. Learn with us what you can do to reduce the costs of moving long distance.

Renting A Truck

This is one of the options some people consider – to rent a truck for themselves, load it up and move. While it may seem fine at first, most fail to take into account all the different costs that they can accumulate with a truck. Before you go for that option think about this – it is a big vehicle, heavy and not as easy to drive as you may have heard. Many people don’t think the risk is worth it after they research the topic a little bit.

The “Brute-Force” Method

What would that be? Well, you don’t have to be a strategist to know that the less you have to move, the cheaper the move will be. So when you decide on how to get your long distance fees down, you may simply opt for selling your unnecessary items online or giving them away.

And let’s be honest. Many of us have trash inside our homes, which we don’t use and don’t have a need for. Instead of carrying it with you to your new place, you can simply throw it away or give it to a charity, which can put it to good use, if it is any useful to begin with.

Don’t forget – decluttering is key. Don’t pack items that will only pile the costs up and will still sit in boxes in your new place. Are you somewhat attached to a particular thing and don’t want to throw it out? Then don’t – find a good purpose for it, even if you are not the one using it.

Same applies to moving your plants. Long distance won’t treat your plants well and if you don’t take proper care of them, they will die. Many times it simply isn’t worth the hassle. Give them to your neighbors or a friend that wants them.

Actually Going With A Reputable Company

We know this article may seem like the way to avoid going to any company at all, but we have actually done math – sometimes it is cheaper to hire professional help. Consider this – if you don’t know a lot about moving and item safety, you may end up destroying precious belongings. Imagine you break your brand new flatscreen – would it have been worth it then? No. So sometimes it doesn’t make much sense to take unnecessary risks.


Reducing the cost of long-distance moves is difficult. It is best to hire professional movers, pay them a fee and have peace of mind. We aren’t simply trying to promote ourselves, but to give you the facts as they are.