Let us say right from the start – yes, there are things you better not pack. It isn’t because you can’t per se, but because of all the hassle you’d go through if you decide to pack them. And to make things more fun – it isn’t all because of the same reason. Have you ever lost a certain important document? Maybe you had some items ruined thanks to spilled liquids? Yeah, these things happen, but can be easily avoided. Read on to learn more.

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Easily Inflammable Objects

This should go without saying, but many people really don’t consider them. Do you think that packing your gasoline tube is an OK thing? Well, it isn’t. Neither is your lighter fluid, paint, high pressure inflammable bottles and so on. You get the idea – if it can blow your items up, don’t get it close to your items.

dont-pack-theseImportant Papers and Documents

Now, there is a caveat about these – you do have to pack them, but not with the rest of your items. Rather put them in your overnight bag or in a completely separate folder (or folders). By doing this, you will avoid getting your papers lost and having to deal with tons of bureaucratic hassle afterwards. If it has your name on it and it seems important – keep it close to you.


Now, some people don’t have a problem with trusting moving companies with their valuables, but this isn’t a problem of trust. Many companies prefer to exclude moving valuables from their services, because they know this is better both for the company’s reputation and the peace of mind of the client. Think about it, if your jewels get lost and you are sure you’ve given them to the movers, you are sure to blame them. Even if you can’t prove it, you can still write a bad review on Yelp. So yes, just have your valuables with you.

Food and Plants

Wondering why they go in the same category? Because they can rot. Or die. Or both. Sure, your cans can go in the back of a truck, but same cannot be said about frozen food or some other kinds of packed food. If it isn’t meant to be stored, it isn’t meant to be moved either.

As for plants – please, don’t do this to your flowers. Yes, it is obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people actually pack their plants thinking it is okay to do so, because they’ve watered them beforehand. It isn’t. No sunlight, no air… The poor things are sure to die.


We know moving can be bothersome, but don’t make it more so by packing stuff that isn’t supposed to go in the back of a truck. Carefully go through your items and if you notice something that shouldn’t be there because of the reasons stated above, you know what to do – get it out.