Do you fancy the idea of moving into a high-rise building? Or maybe you’ve already lived in such for quite some time and now you want a change of surroundings? Well, in both cases you will have to figure out logistics. Luckily, we have experience with that and today we will give you our advice on moving in and out of a high-rise building. Keep in mind that this isn’t a simple “straight-forward” guide and some circumstances may vary for case to case. However, we will try to be as comprehensive as possible. Our tips are applicable to any higher building, so keep that in mind.

Pre-tip: Schedule Your Move

Most high-rise moves needs to be scheduled not only with the moving company, but with the building managers as well. You have to reserve a time and probably pay a fee for it. If you don’t know do this beforehand there is a good chance you will be denied access to the building or at least the movers won’t be able to help you.

highrisemovingTip #1: Don’t Simply Count On The Main Elevator

Many people think it is simple – you just use the elevator to get everything where it needs to go. But often time the elevator won’t work for bigger furniture. Many high-rise building have bigger elevators that are designed specifically for moving. You will have to talk to the building manager for those as well, as usually tenants don’t have constant access to moving elevators. Again, this may cost you, depending on your situation and the building you are moving into or out of.

Tip #2: Reconsider What You Move

Let’s face it – every move is simpler the less items there are to actually move. This applies doubly so to moving into high-rise buildings. Decluttering is key here. So, go ahead and get rid of things you don’t usually use or won’t be able to take advantage of in your new place. This will not only make your move faster, but will reduce the cost of your moving quote.

Tip #3: Don’t. Move. By. Yourself.

We cannot stress this enough – simply don’t approach the task only by yourself. While this advice applies to virtually any move, it is crucial for such an occasion. Get help, find friends, or if you really want it to be done in a simple and worry-free manner – just hire professional help. We from H2H Movers will be happy to lend you a hand.


Moving can be a tough endeavor, but don’t worry – there is a solution for everything. If you don’t want to hire professional movers, then find a bunch of friends to help you, spend your time online to review the best tips on decluttering and packing, schedule your move accordingly and go for it. We wish you a worry-free move no matter which option you pick.