So this is what most people have on their minds right now – moving to Canada. This isn’t surprising and it isn’t a new notion either. It has been a long running gag, which now seems to have started all over again. We used to joke about how if everything went crazy, everyone can just pack and “invade” Canada. So yes, maybe people are still joking about it, but we think there are some of you who are seriously considering it. Moving to Canada has turned out to be quite the option for people, who don’t feel bound to the US anymore.

All jokes aside, we will give you some tips on how to properly move in our northern neighbor, but be advised – it isn’t cheap, it isn’t easy and it may not be what you expect. But nevertheless, the searches for the process of moving to Canada went up fiftyfold.

In any case, if you need someone to help you with moving or if you just want to move inside the US, we at H2H Movers can handle everything – from packing, to loading, to moving everything. Unpacking is also a thing we do, if you need to make the whole process easier for you.

Pre-tip: Are You Even Legible To Move to Canada

movingtocanadaNow, people don’t realize that Canada has some specific requirements for giving citizenship to people. Even going there as an immigrant, you will have to comply with many of these requirements. Canada is serious about people going there and it doesn’t want just anyone up there. If you have health problems, some kind of criminal record, bad financial record or if you fail to comply with any of the requirements, you won’t be allowed in Canada for a long amount of time.

Tip #1: Hire a Competent Lawyer

Of course, if you want to organize everything properly, you’d need someone to do it for you. A competent lawyer is what you need if you want your moving to Canada to be successful. However, keep in mind that it is up to Canadian government to actually acknowledge your desire and reasons to move up there. Hint: “The new president doesn’t suit my liking” isn’t going to be a good reason.

Tip #2: Decide What You Want Moved

If you want to move EVERYTHING with you up there, you will have to pay quite the amount. So, if you can do without certain things, consider leaving them behind. This will save you money and… well, money mostly. But consider how much you are saving, you may indeed want to take only a couple of things up north.

Tip #3: Prepare to Wait

Here comes the greatest problem for many. Even if you have the money to move up there and you meet all the requirements, and you are actually a suitable citizen in the eyes of Canada, you will still have to wait to go through the process of admission. If you are a skilled worker, you would have to wait for about 12 months. Self-employed? It can take 7 years. Yes, quite unacceptable, as we would have a new president (or the old one for one more term) by then.