Winter is right around the corner, and here in Chicago we can already feel it. The weather is getting colder, people are wearing warmer clothes and the sun isn’t as welcoming. And as Chicago has an overall colder climate, the winter is almost never forgiving. There are challenges when it comes to moving during that time as well, and today we will mention some of them.

However, don’t forget that you can always book your move with H2H Movers for a safe and easy moving experience. We will take care of everything you need – from packing, to loading, to moving, to unloading and unpacking. Our moving professionals will do everything to make the entire process easier and less tedious for you.

First the Benefits

Moving during the winter can be a bit more stressful, but it does have its benefits. For example, as summer is usually the busiest moving season, you wouldn’t have problems booking a moving company during the winter. The prices may generally be lower as well, although that depends on other things.

Winter moves also don’t need to be done in a rush. Take your time to plan your move and don’t worry about not being able to schedule it properly as usually this won’t be the case. During the summer people rush to make preparations, which they have to alter later, but now you are free to plan everything the way you want it.

Now the Challenges

H2H Movers can handle your winter move without problemsWe have to say that most of the challenges come from people trying to move on their own. There is nothing wrong with that per se, but if you are not prepared, you will have a bad time. We will tell you a bit about the things you have to consider and/or avoid, but without trying to promote ourselves, we honestly believe that a professional mover can help you save time, money and a lot of unnecessary headaches.

So the first thing you will have to consider if moving on your own (or with a couple of friends even) is weather. We’ve mentioned that you can plan things safely without much worries, but you do need to account for the climate. If the weather forecast isn’t good, just postpone the move or do it a little bit sooner. It is really dangerous to drive a loaded truck in a snowstorm if you don’t have previous experience with that.

That being said, there is one other thing that you’d need to do – check your vehicle. Get it checked up, so you are not surprised by any faults along the way, because you definitely don’t won’t a vehicle breaking down on you, especially during the winter.

You will need some regular “driver’s” tools, just to be sure that you can handle yourself in a worst-case scenario. A small shovel, some sand, car chains, car maintenance tools – all of them can come in quite handy if you ever get stuck.


The winter is an excellent time to move if you go with a moving company, but can be a tough challenge as well, if you decide to do it on your own. Consider your abilities and if you think you can do it – go for it. If you think that you’d be safer with a moving company, then H2H Movers is there to help.