We have already talked a bit about the myths people believe about moving. While we have covered some of the most major misconceptions, there are more that need to be addressed. Of course, you may already know about a lot of them, and we have talked about some of them in previous articles, but today we will do it in a more straightforward way.

Before we continue, please note, that there isn’t anything shameful about not being able to move by yourself or trusting professionals to do it. In fact, statistics point out that this is one of the most serious problem people face – they believe to be much more capable than they really are, which causes problems down the road. So when you need help with your move, choose H2H Movers and have everything done in a quick and efficient manner. But let’s get on topic.

#1 Packing Doesn’t Take That Much Time

movingmythsIn our experience we often meet people that say they were too rushed, because they had to pack in the last minute. Many people believe that packing is as simple as stuffing items in boxes and sealing them, but this can’t be more wrong. The idea of packing everything on your last day should stop being so prevalent. You just don’t have enough time.

Even if you don’t follow any of our tips on how to pack properly and you don’t organize and sort everything, you will still need a decent amount of time to pack everything so at least it wouldn’t break. Statistics show that it may take you 2 hours to simply pack a room and figure everything out. So if you have two bedroom, a living room and a kitchen, you need to have a whole day of packing – and packing badly at that. So don’t postpone packing.

#2 Organizing the Move Needs to Happen As Close as Possible to the Moving Date

There is a reason why this seems valid. If you have decided to move six months from now, there is no rush, right? You don’t want to seem like you are making big plans, so notifying your boss and organizing everything can wait a little longer. But how much longer? If you actually book your movers that much in advance, and sort out your other issues, you will have a much better time moving.

#3 Boxes Do Not Matter

Most people just decide to go with whatever boxes they have laying around, and if they don’t have any, guess what – they will buy the biggest they can find. But this is such a wrong approach for a couple of reasons. Firstly, just because it is big, doesn’t mean it can support a lot of weight. Secondly, even if it supports the weight, will you be able to carry it? A big banana box may sound tempting, but filling it up with books and magazines may turn it into an immovable object.

The best thing you can do is either rent moving boxes or simply find different sized ones. Read our other articles on moving boxes and learn why it is best to stick to a simple guide – the smaller the box the heavier the item it can hold. So small-to-medium sized boxes are fine for your book collection, while larger box are better left for clothing, blanks, pillows and so on. If you have a CD or movie collection, it should be light enough to be put in a large box as well.


Know your limits and understand that misconceptions are bad. Now that you know what to do, your move will be much easier.