There are many misconceptions floating in the air about the moving profession and the process as a whole. Today we will be addressing some of them, as we find it quite surprising that people don’t take time to research the topic, but rather stick to anecdotal examples. You may have heard many saying that hiring moving professionals is pointless, but these companies exist for a reason. If they are still in the market and their share isn’t shrinking, you should be wondering why. Before we jump in with the facts, we want you to know that you can always count on H2H Movers for your moving needs. With us you get the best moving experience at an excellent price.

About Certain Myths…

As we already said, there are people who think that it isn’t worth it to hire moving professionals as they are all the same – that is they will steal your money, break your things, etc. And after all, moving isn’t something you can’t do yourself, right? It isn’t rocket science, right? Well, it really isn’t, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a thing or two from professional movers and even then you may fail to have a safe move. So it definitely matters what kind of movers you hire – you want a reputable company, with many completed jobs behind its name.

And in many guides out there you may find the tip: “Move on a Friday”. It has some sense to it – after all, you will have the entire weekend to take care of the finishing touches: unpacking, sorting things, getting everything in order. It sounds logical, right? Well, it definitely is, if you know exactly when you will be moving and you book the mover in advance. Because most people have the same idea, so it isn’t surprising that many movers won’t be available.

You should also know that it is a general tip to take a day off work (and maybe even two), so you can book a company on a workday and have much less trouble overall. Don’t forget that you are still supposed to book in advance, so just do it whenever you KNOW the time period of your move. If it is up to you to decide and you can do it whenever, just call us to give you information about which non-booked date would be most convenient for your.


So this is it – choosing the right company matters. Moving by yourself isn’t the best thing to do if you don’t know how to do it and if you want to do it without problems. Not to mention that many people are experiencing moving injuries due to the lack of knowledge. Pack properly, move smartly and with caution and you will have a much pleasant experience.

But the best thing you can do for your move is to hire moving professionals, who will not only transport your items, but they will pack and unpack for you, they will load the truck and do everything, so you don’t have to worry about the process.