When going about moving many people tend to forget certain things and we have several posts on this topic. In order to make the whole think easier for you however, we will give you a number of things to remember and follow as sort of guidelines. If you find the entire process too difficult or you don’t want to be bother by it, there is the easy option of picking the professional services of our Chicago movers who are always ready to help.

Before you move:

Be sure to have all the things necessary for packing. This includes different supplies and boxes. Don’t use cheap materials if you want the best safety for your items.

Don’t forget to sort things. It is best to pack room by room, but first sort small things that can easily go together and decide which big items need to be by themselves. Also make an inventory list of all the items, for which you are SURE are placed in boxes.

If you have packed everything yourself, don’t forget to label it properly before the movers come. It can be as simple as “Goes in the kitchen”, or more detailed with list of items found inside for your own convenience.

P.S. It is not advised to pack children in boxes

During the move:

If you have decided to move by yourself, but suddenly find it overwhelming, give yourself a break. Call a friend you know will give you a hand or just wait a bit to gather your thought and energy.

Keep your most valuable possessions with you (in your car or on your person). A bit of extra care never hurts.

Be sure to be careful when picking up boxes, especially heavy ones. What good is saving money when you get to pay for healthcare? Don’t pick up things using your back, rather crouch and let their weight be pushed upward by your leg muscles.

After you move:

Start with unpacking your most needed items, such as clothes and necessities. It isn’t uncommon for people to leave certain boxes unpacked for long periods of time, but you should avoid it.

Prioritize the rooms, which you are going to use the most. If you like to cook at home, unbox everything that is about to go to the kitchen. But before you do that, make sure your bedroom and bathroom are ready for use.

Give yourself some time to adjust to your new home. Not everyone is used to moving, even if they have done it a dozen of times. Don’t be worried if you feel thoughts of regret or even fear, as a change in surroundings and circumstances are proven to drive our minds into such thoughts. Rather relax and remember that new things have this one great quality – they quickly become old.


Although this list is not comprehensive, it is good enough for those of you who want to have a more fluid and less tedious moving experience. Be sure to look for help if you need it and don’t overestimate your strength as injuries during a move are not uncommon.