As professionals we know how important it is to keep track of your moving routine. There are certain things that need to be strictly observed in order to not miss something important. We have already mentioned some tricks, which make the whole process easier – like making a checklist, organizing everything by room and whatnot, but today we have these 5 key things, which you better not miss, or not only will your moving be slower, but it can actually give you a headache. Alternatively, you can hire professionals to take care of packing, loading and transportation. We at H2H Movers will be glad to be of help and you can always give us a call and receive a quote on your move if you are anywhere in the area of Chicago and the suburbs.

The first key thing to do is to start the whole process early. Don’t postpone your chores and tasks, as procrastination will just leave you with more stuff to do later and you definitely do not want that. Again, you can simply start with a list of things that you want to definitely move. If you haven’t decluttered your house, this is where you should start, of course, but if you have already taken care of that, you don’t need to worry about smaller things. In any case, you’d have to be well prepared before starting the entire process and here we go to the next point.

Get those packing containers ready – for real, just have boxes to put things in them and have enough of them. If you don’t, you will have to go out of your way and buy some, which will not only slow things down, but may make you miss your deadline, if you haven’t started preparing way beforehand.

Respectively, you’d want to have wrapping supplies, too. These would range anywhere from newspapers to bubble wrap, or even something to “hard-wrap” an expensive item. Yet, you will need to purchase them before you even consider packing, so don’t forget to stock up on packing supplies. What is good is that they are not that expensive and are easy to find, but if you don’t have time, we can also supply you with them or do the entire packing process for you.

The fourth thing to remember is of course to label your boxes. Now, we have mentioned this one in many of our articles, but we cannot stress it enough – labeling helps not only you, but your hired movers as well. They will carry the boxes to their respective room, thus leaving you with less things to do afterwards. Benefits, benefits, benefits! So go ahead and label!

And lastly, just get in touch with your movers as soon as you know the date of the move. Sometimes it is pretty hard to find a good company, and you’d have to do it ahead of time, so don’t leave it for the last moment.