Although we have already talked quite a bit about moving with your pets, the topic is still very relevant as many people have animals, for which they care and they want to make the move as easy as possible for them. We understand that, and although H2H Movers doesn’t transfer pets, we still can give you a few tips on the subject. Please keep in mind that we are no animal experts, and what we are going to say is more in the lines of general knowledge, rather than professional advice. It is those little things we’ve got from experience that we are going to share with you today.

Our first tip should be quite obvious, but it all the rush and hassle of a move, many pet owners forget about it or they get to it in the last minute. What we are talking about is a vet appointment. Go to your veterinarian and explain the situation. You’d be surprised how often they have really good tips on keeping your pet calm and helping them adjust to the new environment. Aside from that, and probably more important, is to get your pet’s vaccinations in check, since you may have missed some or the state, to which you are going, require you to get a new one. This leads us into our second point.

If you are moving to another state it is likely that there will be certain laws about pets, which may or may not defer from your current state. Do your research before you move, or you may end up with quite a big fine, especially if you miss a vaccine that is supposed to be present on your pet. Most states of some sort of “buffer period”, in which you can go to a local vet and get all the required procedures done. Which is good, because you will have to find a new vet for your pet. Check online for reputable veterinarians or ask neighbors for their opinion.

Now, one thing that works really well for short-distance moves is asking a friend to take care of your pet. You may wonder what good will this do, but actually not the move itself stresses the pet as much as all the noise and fuss about it. By leaving your pet with friend of your, which it already knows, you will help them skip the bad part of moving and just take them with you later, perhaps when you come to deal with all the remaining paperwork, if you’ve left that for later (which is often the case with short-distance moves).

Notice that we didn’t talk about particular animals this time, as we have already covered some of the more common ones in our previous topic on the subject. You can check that out if you want more information. We hope that the move will be stress-free for your pet, but remember – it can be stress-free for you as well, if you hire H2H Movers.